Diversity Week

This week the pupils at St Peter’s have been immersed in multi-cultural learning through our annual Diversity Week.  Children of different ages throughout the school have done deep learning on Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism, all of which was brought to live by rich artefact boxes of worship items related to each faith provided by Hampshire Resources.  In addition, this year we were lucky enough to have workshops delivered by Rabbi Zvi from the Jewish Community of Berkshire Education branch.  Rabbi Zvi did live video link workshops for Years 5 and 6 on Monday, and then on Tuesday visited the school in person to work with Years 2 to 4.  The workshops included the use of religious items central to the Jewish faith, and had a particular relevance in helping the pupils to understand Jesus’ lifestyle as we approach the time of Passover.  Art lessons included the creation of Rangoli, prayer mats and turbans to name but a few.  Great thanks go to Miss Honeywell, RE Lead, for making these wonderful learning opportunities available to our pupils.

Year 1 pupils exploring items from the Jewish tradition.

Mr R Cunningham

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