The week flies by

There has been plenty going on this week in all year groups at St Peter’s. Pupils from Years 5 and 6 had presentations and workshops with members of the Fire and Rescue service looking at personal safety, and Year 6 pupils then extended their work with the emergency services by taking part in a Junior Citizenship morning at Fort Purbrook.

On Tuesday morning we hosted the last of our open morning events for prospective pupils starting in September 2018. It was lovely to see so many new families visiting the school, all of whom were bowled over by their pupil guides and the work that children were doing in all of the classes. We have one more open event, on Monday 20th November between 6:00pm and 7:00pm, for parents who wish to see the school environment or have a conversation with a member of the Senior Leadership Team about their child starting school in the next academic year.

The contrast to these very young children was shown in our current Year R pupils celebrating their first liturgy in the school hall on Monday. They were wonderful at speaking clearly, singing loudly and praying earnestly, all after such a short time in school. There is no doubt that the Reception children are now fully fledged members of the St Peter’s community.

Finally, well done to Daniel in class 3LS and Poppy in 3H, both of whom wrote wonderful pieces of persuasive writing trying to convince me to buy a woolly mammoth to help control unruly children! Their reward was to each receive a toy woolly mammoth to name and serve as a class mascot.

Mr R Cunningham


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