Year 4 Tin Foil People Art Gallery

Wow! Mostyn has created this terrific tin foil person in action poses.  Great work Mostyn!

The children who were in school made their tin foil people too! They did drawings first and then made their tin foil person and put it in an action pose.  As an extension activity, they stuck their person on their book (using blue-tac) and drew their shadow. 

I think they all look fantastic!

Introducing Bob!…The fantastic tin foil person created by Ben.  As you can see, one of Bob’s interests is Lego and I think he has a real talent for it, just as Ben has a talent for creating sculptures out of tin foil! Thanks for sharing this with us Ben.

Wow!  What a great start to our art project…. Tin Foil people.  As you can see, Hope has put in a great deal of effort into creating her tin foil person.

This is what her mum said “Hope posed her model and followed the YouTube tutorial but wasn’t happy with her model so we talked about how we could make it better and made a few minor adjustments…..

…..Hope then re positioned it and added hair but still wasn’t happy so made a new one. This one is with hair and a tutu!”

What a wonderful pose Hope and congratulations for perservering – I think they look fantastic.  Thank you so much for sharing these terrific tin foil action people with us, I’m sure you will inspire others to have a go!





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