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Friday 21st January 2022

This week in Year R, like most other weeks, has been very busy! On Tuesday, we had a beautiful liturgy with Miss Heath from Oaklands which Father Jeremy and Mr Cunningham also attended. We began by thinking about what makes each and every one of us special and unique. The children created beautiful stars to illustrate their strengths which have hopefully made it home. We particularly enjoyed accompanying Miss Heath on the guitar, singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’.

Unfortunately this week, Mrs Lavery’s birthday present was “stolen from the middle area” – shock, horror! We had to section off the area in order to look for clues; a search which then extended into the outdoor area. We heard wonderful theories, linking the scratches to the red paint. My personal favourite was that it was a chicken with red feathers who stole the present and hopped over the fence! We really developed our understanding of the words ‘unusual’ and ‘unexpected’ in a practical way and some children chose to record the evidence found in writing too.

Please continue to practise all phonics sounds, paying particular attention to the digraphs (two letters making one sound, for example, ch/sh/th) which many children will need to spend longer recognising and applying. It is common at this early stage of exposure to digraphs for children to read them separately and blend an alien (not real) word, for example, f-i-s-h instead of f-i-sh. You could encourage them to get their ‘digraph spotting binoculars’ on if they’re struggling with this.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be making changes to the Phonics groups and how we allocate books. Please be aware that a few children may bring home a book which they have already recently had. Unfortunately this is unavoidable but equally, it is not a bad thing either. We would encourage you to reread the book, paying more attention to comprehending what’s really happening, rather than just the sounding out of words. You can find a ‘Comprehension’ section in the back of the Big Cat books. If you’d like more variety, a range of e-books has now been allocated to all pupils, via the Collins website. Please let us know if you are unable to access this.

We have noticed that a number of children are finding number recognition difficult in school. Whilst their counting and representation of amounts is improving greatly, it would be really beneficial to spot and name numbers when out and about (up to 10, and beyond if your child can).

Have a super weekend everyone. Stay safe and see you on Monday!

Mrs Atkins, Mrs Lockwood-Peck and the whole Year R Team.

Using our supersenses of touch and sight to find hidden objects.

God made us unique!

This Little Light of Mine