Handa’s Surprise!

This week the children have really enjoyed focusing on the story called Handa’s Surprise. The children have been retelling the story and using descriptive language to talk about the different fruits.


This week the children have learnt the final sounds within phase 2. The sounds they have learnt this week are ff, l, ll, s. Now they have learnt all of their phase 2 sounds, please encourage your child to make their own CVC words (three letter words) using their flash cards. They need to sound them out and then blend to read them. Can they challenge themselves to write their own words?


Please find attached a copy of the must read books for Autumn 2. It will be lovely to hear the children engaging with these great texts at home so please share them with your children.


The children have been focusing on recognising what the number 5 looks like either it be the numeral or the amount. They have also been adding amounts to 5. Please continue this at home. Playing board games with a dice is a great opportunity to help your child by allowing them to identify the amount of dots as they roll the dice and then count the spaces as they move around the board.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Remember to upload any great learning your child does to Tapestry for us to see what they are engaging with at home.

From the Early Years Team