The Lion Inside

This week the children have really enjoyed focusing on the story called The Lion Inside. The children have retold the story during discovery time and thought about how they have had to be brave in their lives just like the mouse in the story.

Here are some photos of the children’s learning for this week:

Here is some home learning we would like you to focus on over the weekend and coming week:


This week the children have continued with learning more phase 2 sounds. The sounds they have learnt this week are g, o, c, k. Please continue to practise the flash cards daily with your child so they are familiar with recalling them. Challenge your child to write the sounds and put sounds together to make three letter words.

These may include- g-o-t, k-i-t, t-i-p, m-a-p and many more using all the sounds your child has learnt already.


As well as still encouraging your child to talk through their school book with you daily by looking at the pictures, please do continue to read picture books to your child. We encourage reading books that they love repeatedly so they begin to learn the familiar phrases and start repeating them. For ideas on picture books please refer to the must read list we sent out the beginning of this term. These are books that we recommend children in reception will enjoy.


We have now been learning all about how to add amounts to 3. Encourage you child to count out three objects and split them into two groups. Can they talk about their findings using sentences such as 2 and another 1 makes 3. 1 and another 1 makes 2. Here is an idea for an activity to play at home:

Hide an amount of objects in your hands. Show objects in one hand and they need to guess what’s in the other hand to make the total. For example if you have 2 in one hand your child needs to think about how many more they need to get to 3.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Remember to upload any great learning your child does to Tapestry for us to see what they are engaging with at home.


From the Early Years Team