The Colour Monster Fun

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week the children have really enjoyed focusing on the story called The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. The children have been thinking about their own emotions and linking it to our Zones of Regulation display. It has helped them to understand when they are feeling a certain way they can choose different activities to support their emotions.

Here are some photos of their learning from this week:

Here is some home learning we would like you to focus on over the weekend and coming week:

This week the children have started to learn phase 2 sounds. The sounds they have learnt this week are i, n, m, d. Please continue to make use of the videos and resources we have uploaded to Tapestry to help support your child at home with practising these sounds daily. Use the flashcards your child has been given in their bag for your child to recognise and think of words beginning with that sound. Can your child challenge themselves to make some CVC words with these cards for example s-a-t?
If you were unable to make the phonics meeting on Monday evening please spend some time watching the video we uploaded of it to Tapestty to help you understand why and how phonics is taught.

Here is the PowerPoint to look through too:

Year R phonics workshop Autumn

Please continue to read with your child daily. Now they are learning sounds could you encourage your child to try and spot them in the environment? For example on number plates, road signs and food packaging.

We have now been learning all about the number three. Encourage your child to show you what this number looks like. Can they show you on their fingers? Can they collect objects? Can they use the vocabulary one more to explain the number three?
The children have also been looking at repeating patterns. Could your child make their own pattern using their toys? For example car, teddy, car, teddy.

We hope you have a great weekend.

Remember to upload any great learning your child does to Tapestry for us to see what they are engaging with at home.

From the Early Years Team