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Welcome Meeting

Please find attached the Powerpoint for the Year R welcome meeting.

Welcome to Year R Meeting September 2021

To view the presentation that we recorded, please log into Tapestry and follow the link.

Please remember to join us again on Teams on Monday 4th October at 4pm for the Phonics meeting.

From The Early Years Team

The Gruffalo!

This week we had an unexpected visit from the Gruffalo! The children enjoyed going on a hunt for him and then listening to the story, retelling it and talking about their favourite parts!

Here are some photos of their learning:

Here is some home learning we would like you to focus on over the weekend and coming week:

This week we have continued with phase 1. The children have been practising playing with words that rhyme. Over the weekend, please encourage your child to continue doing this at home, Here are some examples to say to your child and see if they can think of words that rhyme with it-
dog- they could continue with- log, bog, frog
cat- they could continue with- mat, hat, sat
van- they could continue with- can, man, tan

There are lots more of course! Please have fun with rhyme- it really helps children to tune into the sounds within words and recognising which are the same and which are different.

Every child has recieved a log in for Collins eBook. This does not replace the books they will still get given at school but instead is an additional resource for supporting reading at home. We will add books weekly to it for your child to talk through in the same way they do with their lilac books.
Another idea to encourage story retelling at home is to use teddies/props for your child to act out their favourite story ensuring they quote key phases from the text. Could they have a go at retelling the Gruffalo to you as its a recent story they have heard at school?

We have now been learning all about the number zero and one. Encourage your child to show you what these numbers look like. Can they show you on their fingers? Can they collect objects? Can they explain what zero is? Can they use the vocabulary one more to explain the number one?


This week your child will be learning the phase 2 phonics sounds s, a, t, p.
We have attached links to videos from The Department of Education to support you with pronouncing the sound correctly. It will also give you some ideas of what you can do at home to support your child further with practising this sound.

s sound- 

a sound-

t sound-

p sound-

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Do ask us any questions that you may have; we are always happy to help.

From The Early Years Team

Welcome to Year R

We hope your child has felt settled into their new Year R classes and have been excited to tell you about their day when they have come home.

Here are some photos of the children’s learning this week. They have enjoyed lots of physical activity on our climbing frame, fine motor development using the hammers and nails as well as demonstrating expressive arts and designs at the colouring table:

Here is some home learning we would like you to focus on over the weekend and coming week:

This week we have started phase 1 phonics which is focusing on the sounds they can hear in their environment.
When you are out and about this weekend please encourage your child to listen carefully to the animals they can hear, vehicles passing or wind blowing in the trees. Talk about what the sound is, how loud it is and whether they can use their hands/mouth to copy the sound. We will talk about their findings next week.

All children will have come home with a Lilac book and their homework journal. This book has no words so we encourage the children to talk through what is happening in the story/pictures. Ask questions including:
What is the character doing? Why are they doing that?
How is the character feeling?
What do you think might happen next? How do you know?
Do you like this story? Why?
We ask you read with your child for 10 minutes a day and record this in their homework journal for us to see/respond to.
We also encourge you to read exciting picture books to your child frequently so they enjoy the love of reading and are exposed to good vocabulary.

We ask that you continue to sing counting songs with your child to help them with recalling numbers to 5/10. We have attached some song sheets to support.
Encouraging your child to count in their play/everyday life is vital to their development.
Can they count their cars? Can they count how many dolls they have? Can they count the peas on their plate? Can they count the cars that pass by on a walk?
Lots of opportunites for incorporating number into daily tasks.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Do ask us any questions that you may have; we are always happy to help.
From the Early Years Team