Monthly Archives: May, 2021


This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story Supertato. They have enjoyed being creative and making their own characters from the story.

In maths the children have been exploring doubling amounts using the peas in the tuff tray! We linked them with the evil peas in the Supertato story. The children have also been learning about how to halve numbers.

In literacy the children have been retelling parts of the Supertato stories by looking at pictures from the book and using their phase 3 sounds to write sentences.

In RE the children learnt about Pentecost. They listened to the story and then used the parachute to imitate the Holy Spirit coming by making wind and then sitting underneath the parachute to feel the Holy Spirit all around.

We hope you have an enjoyable half term.
From the Early Years team.

Superhero’s assemble

This week we have been learning all about superheros. We read the book Superhero Hotel and then discussed what super power we would have! The children have been busy making masks and outfits.

The children have also been writing about what superhero powers they would like to have.

Outside the children have been shooting superheros with water and reading the tricky words!

The children remembered their Learning from last week and used some creates and planks of wood to make their own car and drove to get a McDonald’s!

In maths, the children have been continuing to practise counting using the pennies as well as learning about doubling numbers.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
From the Early Years Team.

Another fun week in Early Years

This week in maths we have been focusing on money. The children have been writing their own price tags and using money to buy things from their shop.

In literacy the children have enjoyed acting as police officers writing speeding tickets and signs to tell people how to ride on the roads. They have also been designing their own vehicles, making them and labelling the features.

After learning about road safety And how to keep safe on the roads and even walking near roads the children wrote posters telling others children how to stay safe!

The children have also enjoyed making music outside using the instruments and writing their own music notes to follow.


We hope you have a lovely weekend.

From the Early Years Team.

A 4 day week!

We had a short and sweet week this week. The children loved the dragon so much he stuck around this week to, although a princess asked for some protection so the children had to come up with ways to entice the dragon to help protect the princess!

The children followed instructions to make their very own dragon for expressive arts and design this week!


The children were introduced to the concept of taking away. We have had some super learners this week and challenged themselves with number sentences!

On the sunny days the children have been exploring outside, one child found some worms and was able to to use his mathematical thinking skills to identify which one was the longest and which one was the shortest.

From the Early Years Team.