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Week 5 learning

The children have really enjoyed observing the chicks in their cage and even holding them. They have also been writing letters to the farm, aquarium and zoo to see if more animals can come and visit us. Here are some photos of their fantastic learning:

In maths the children have been learning all about the number 14 and 15. They have made the amounts using Numicon, blocks and gems and written their own number sentences. Here are some photos of their maths discovery learning:

We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the spring sunshine. Do encourage your child to look for signs of spring when out and about on walks. Can they see buds on trees starting the grow? Can they find spring flowers growing on the ground? Take photos and share with us on Tapestry.
From the Early Years Team



Week 4 learning

The children this week have enjoyed making the amounts 12 and 13 using multi link, Numicon and writing number sentences.
Here are some photos of their learning:

In literacy the children have enjoyed watching the chicks hatch and writing about what they see happening.

Here are some photos to share:

On Wednesday this week the children arrived to see two of our chicks have hatched! They have been fascinated with watching them explained their new chick cage!

In RE we have been talking about the Parable of the Talents. The children talked about what they are good at, drew pictures and wrote sentences. Here is some of their fantastic learning:

Geography deep learning day.

The children enjoyed looking at maps of the world and then drawing their own. We also looked at the roads we live on and talked about what things we might see. Here are some great pictures of their learning:

We are currently teaching phonics twice a day to really support them with saying and applying their phase 2 and 3 sounds as well as helping to fill any gaps in their knowledge that they may have.
Please can we ask that you read with your child daily for 10 minutes to enable your child to develop their reading ability. We appreciate that some children might be coming home with a book that they have already read however please do not worry, this just helps them to consolidate the sounds they know.
We will be giving out certificates throughout the term to children that are frequently reading at home, so please write in your child’s diary when they have read to you so we can keep a track.
Thank you for your on going support. The children have been working so hard since coming back which has been very positive to see.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.
From the Early Years Team

Welcome back to Spring Term

The children have settled back into school so well with a very hard working attitude. They have enjoyed being back with their friends exploring in the Early Years environment.

To hook the children into writing this week, they explored a tuff tray which had straw, eggs, feathers and bird seeds in. The children had to use their magnifying glasses to investigate and talk to one another about what they could see and then write about it. They also thought about what might have happened.

Here are some photos of the writing that the children created:

In maths the children have been focusing on making amounts to 10. They have used Numicon and gems to count and write number sentences.
Here are some pictures of their great learning:

We are very excited to see the chicks have arrived in school. They are in the incubator and we are waiting patiently for them to hatch!

In RE we have been writing about what we are going to do to help someone during Lent.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

From the year R team.

Daffodil Art

Here is all the fabulous art home learning that the year R children took part in at home.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing all the children back in on Monday.
From the Year R team.