The Snowflake Mistake

This week we have read the story The Snowflake Mistake. The children have enjoyed designing and labelling a new machine for the queen as well as having a go at making it out of junk modelling. They also made their own snowflakes using different craft materials and then talked about how they created them.

In maths we have focused on making different amounts, matching to the correct numeral and discussed one less than a given number.
Some of the children showed this with snowballs (cotton wool) and paper snowflakes. Some children counted the amount, crossed one off and talked about how it shows one less and what the amount is.

In phonics the children have been independently writing CVC words showing they can apply the sounds we have taught so far to spelling. Some children have also been writing tricky words during discovery time.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
From the Early Years Team.