Monthly Archives: November, 2020

A surprise visit from the Elf!

This week the children came into school to see the Elf had been in our school overnight and had taken pictures of himself.

The children were very excited by this and were very keen to write to him to ask him to come back again!
Here are some examples of their fantastic writing:

During Maths the children have been making amounts to 5 in different ways. The children used Numicon, multi link, gems and bricks to show how they can partition the amount and use mathematical vocabulary to explain what they had found out.
Here are some photos of their learning:

The children have continued to independently practise writing CVC words during discovery time, applying the sounds they have been taught so far.
Here are some photos of their brilliant writing:

We hope you have a great weekend.
From the Early Years team.

The Snowflake Mistake

This week we have read the story The Snowflake Mistake. The children have enjoyed designing and labelling a new machine for the queen as well as having a go at making it out of junk modelling. They also made their own snowflakes using different craft materials and then talked about how they created them.

In maths we have focused on making different amounts, matching to the correct numeral and discussed one less than a given number.
Some of the children showed this with snowballs (cotton wool) and paper snowflakes. Some children counted the amount, crossed one off and talked about how it shows one less and what the amount is.

In phonics the children have been independently writing CVC words showing they can apply the sounds we have taught so far to spelling. Some children have also been writing tricky words during discovery time.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
From the Early Years Team.

This week we have been detectives!

When we came into the classroom on Monday, we noticed a mess had been made using some of our resources. There was police tape and cones put round it and we spotted fingerprints, footprints and a police badge left at the scene. The children have all been working hard hunting for clues around the classroom and outside area to try and identify who it was that had made the mess. The children created lists using their sounds.

Here are some photos of the excellent writing the children produced:

The children also wrote questions to the police officer who came to visit. Here are some examples:

PC Hutchinson came in and talked to the children about what he thinks might have happened in our school. He answered the children’s questions then came up with some ideas of who it might be that created the mess!

We also had a two minute silence and then talked about Remembrance Day and the important meaning as to why we wear poppies. The children chose to create poppies in their own way. Here are some examples of their excellent creations:

In maths we have been focusing on using the word ‘fewer’ to compare different amounts. Here are some photos of our learning:

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.
From the Early Years Team.

A visit from the bear!

This week the children have really enjoyed coming into class to see that a bear had been to visit! They noticed a cave and footprints that had been left so began asking lots of questions and making suggestions as to why he may have visited. We then shared the story “Wakey wakey big brown bear.” The children found a letter that the animals in the story had written asking for us to help write a list of things which we need to collect over and autumn and winter for the bear to see when he wakes in spring. Here are some examples of the children’s writing as well as photos of them exploring the cave:

In maths the children have enjoyed creating fireworks pictures. They cut stars, wrote numbers on them and then drew the correct amount of sparks off each star to match the numeral. The children also talked about one more and one less than a given number. They also showed this through playing a game. Here are some photos of their learning:

In phonics we have taught the sounds g, o, c. Please practice saying these sounds at home and writing them as well as the previous sounds we have sent home.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

From the early years team.