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Our final week….

This week we have been doing some great learning whilst saying hello to our new Year 1 teachers. We have also said goodbye to this school year in style by having a party!

At the beginning of the week planted cress in cress heads, we have spoken about what seeds need to grow and how they can change over time.

We learnt all about reptiles and animals that live in the sea. We wrote facts and then created an underwater cave. We worked together, making sure each of us had an important role in making our under water cave come to life.

Finally we chose our own sea creature to make from jink modelling, we had jelly fish, octopus, sharks and even a submarine!

In preparation for our party we made paper chains and party hats. We then enjoyed popcorn with our movie and then biscuits and a boogie!

All that’s left to say is a big goodbye, to those that are in school and to those who are continuing their learning journey at home. Thank you so much for all the gifts you gave us, we really appreciate it. We have enjoyed teaching you all this year and wish you the best of luck in Year 1. Do come and say hi!

Enjoy your summer!

Love, The Early Years Team

Our Learning for Week 6

This week we have enjoyed weighing and measuring objects in maths. We have used language such as longer, shorter, heavier and lighter.


We have been creative with making pictures using powder paints.

We have enjoyed listening to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We designed our own beanstalks and then made them out of paper and junk modelling.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

From the year R team.


Home Learning 10th July 2020

Here is the home learning for next week:

Phonics Plan


Swimming pool


Winter Scene


Dinosaur picture



Maths, Writing and Foundation

Week 7 Planning


10.07.20 Sacraments RE blog learning


Family Science Activity 10.7.20


Week 7- Peter and The Wolf

Watch the whole musical story Peter and the Wolf.

Listen out for the different tunes you have been learning about.

What instruments can you see?

Our Learning for Week 5

This week we have enjoyed learning all about space.

The children have made their own rockets out of card and Lego, made space ships and even made their own aliens.

In maths we have focused on doubling and halving numbers up to 10. For English this week we have been designing our own planets and then created an alien to live on it.

This afternoon the children will be set the challenge to make a rocket out of junk!

We hope you have a great weekend.

From the Year R team.

Home Learning 3rd July 2020

Here is the home learning for this week:


Phonics Plan











Maths, English and Foundation Planning

Week 6 Planning


Art Challenge For father Jeremy


Hi All,

Here is this week’s music

Week 6- The Hunters

Listen to this short piece of music and find a picture of the timpani.

What do you think the hunters are doing?

Can you create your own hunter music out of everyday objects?


Family Science Activity 3.7.20