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Fabulous Fun on Fridays

A big hello to Year R and we hope that you have enjoyed a rather sunny and warm half term! With the relaxing of the recent lockdown rules, as effective on Monday, we hope you will be able to see other members of your family and friends. Remember to stay safe and keep 2 meters away from those who do not live in your house! Also, some exciting news is that as of Monday we will be welcoming some of you back to school! School will look a bit different and some of you may not be in the same classroom. We also have some new rules for you to follow – but remember we are doing this to keep you safe! We hope you are looking forward to coming back to school with us.

So what have the teachers been up to this half term?

Miss Deacon went for a long walk in the new forest and saw a lizard run along the hot path, a vole scurrying between the leaves and a lot of wild ponies. She even saw a foal! This week she has also made mini chocolate chip cheesecakes, delicious!

When helping with some gardening she came across a blackbird’s nest. She knew that she had blackbirds nesting in the clematis, but they appeared to have stopped, probably because a predator spooked them! Look how deep and neat the nest is!

Its Mrs King’s birthday today so she is enjoying some time at home with her family! Could you sing happy birthday to Mrs King? We hope she is enjoying her day and eating lots of birthday cake! Mrs Aquilina even baked Mrs King a cake and gave to her in the park!

Mrs Conlon has had a brilliant week in the sun. She has been enjoying seeing more of her friends and family, ensuring she kept a safe 2 meters away from those she doesn’t live with! Mrs Conlon has had a picnic with Mr Conlon, met up with her sister, dog and mum where they spent the day on the beach. She also went for a walk around Porchester Castle.

Mrs Aquilina has had another busy week, baking a birthday cake for Mrs King and a banana loaf for her children. She made a butterfly feeding table and then visited her mum in her local park with her children, staying a safe distance at all times. Mrs Aquilina has also been out for a bike ride with her daughter. She visited Mrs King yesterday to give her the cake and with Mrs Grout and Mrs Pearson passed on a gift from all the teachers in year R.

Love From, The Early Years Team

Home learning for Monday 1st June

Hi everyone

Now that some of the children have returned to school we have changed how we are planning to ensure it is manageable for teaching from in school and at home.

Please do as much as you can at home from the Maths and Foundation learning. In particular we would like phonics to be a focus as it is important to keep children practicing daily.

Phonics Plan

Phonics Resources for Dolphins, Seals, Lobsters:













Stingrays resources:


Maths and Foundation learning

Week 1 Planning

Music Learning

Peter and the Wolf

Week 1- Peter

Listen to this short piece of music and find the picture of a violin?

How does the music make you feel?

Can you move around to it?

Art Challenge


Science Learnng

Family Science Activity 29.5.20

Fabulous Fun on Fridays

We hope you have all enjoyed another sunny week at home. Here is what your teachers have been up to this week as well as getting all the classrooms ready for when we return to school:

Mrs Conlon has enjoyed planting some chilli seeds in pots in her garden. She has also spent more time reading on her new Kindle in the sunshine. Mrs Conlon also made some healthy fruity mousse desserts. Mrs Conlon and Mr Conlon also went for a long four and a half hour walk the other day which totaled 27,813 steps! They were both very tired after that!

Mrs Aquilina has been doing quite a bit of baking this week…. scones, iced fingers and a lovely fresh white loaf.  She took her children to Farlington Marshes where they had a lovely walk and spotted lots of wildlife, like swans, ducks and geese.

Mrs Grout went on a walk to Hayling Island with her son and dog where they enjoyed digging a hole together. It was also Mrs Grout’s mum’s birthday so she went and visited her at a distance!


Mrs King went for a walk this week along Great Salterns Recreation park and she has been busy baking jam tarts and a quiche. It was also Mr King’s mum’s birthday so they made her some cupcakes to share at a distance to celebrate.

Miss Deacon has had a busy week at school preparing for the potential return of some children soon! But she had time to have a go at a challenge we set for your home learning and played a board game with her little sister. The board game is called tooth fairy. We had great fun!

In other news she has an update from the blue tits in her nesting box. The chicks are getting bigger everyday and growing fast! They even have feathers  now! Here are some images from the nest box camera.

Love From The Early Years Team


Half Term Learning

Hello everyone,

For half term we are not setting any new home learning. If you would like to engage your child in some work then please look back at any of the activities that have been set for the past few weeks that you have not been able to complete yet particularly the Science ones.

You could also recap some of the phonics games that we sent out as well as the reading activities.

This learning is optional so please make it your choice what you do with your child over the holidays.

We hope you enjoy the last week before we welcome many of the children back in school on Monday 1st June.

From the Early Years Team

Fabulous Fun on Fridays

We hope you have had another great week packed full of lots of different learning opportunities. Here is what the Early Years teachers have been up to this week.

Mrs Conlon has been busy making coasters from corks that she was given. She enjoyed sitting in the sunshine carefully gluing them together. She also found a programme all about penguins and enjoyed watching that one evening. Mrs Conlon really wanted some chocolate after dinner the other day so she found some squeeze white chocolate and made her own buttons! Even though some of them weren’t perfect, they still tasted delicious! Mrs Conlon and Mrs Conlon also spent some time playing a board game together called Ticket to Ride. This was the first time Mrs Conlon had played this and she won!

Mrs King says ‘Hello everyone, I hope you enjoying time with your family and doing your home learning challenges! I am missing you and look forward to seeing you when we can!’. She enjoyed a VE Day afternoon tea with Mr King and her two sons. It looked very delicious. Mrs King also had a pamper day with a relaxing face mask and then painting her toe nails. Mr King surprised her with some gorgeous pink roses when he came home from work!

Mrs King certainly enjoyed the ‘relaxing’ of the lockdown rules as she spent time waking along Langston Harbour. Although it was a little windy she enjoyed being out in the sunshine with her family!

Mrs Grout had a lovely walk along Southsea seafront with her family where they all enjoyed an ice cream together in the sun. They also visited the War Memorial and saw a Royal Navy ship sail off from Portsmouth Harbour. Mrs Grout also made some bunting to celebrate VE Day.

Mrs Aquilina celebrated VE Day by also making some bunting for outside her house as well as enjoying an afternoon tea with her family in the garden whilst listening to World War 2 era music. She made some delicious chocolate chip cookies as well as a butterfly feeder to hang in her tree. Mrs Aquilina also did some gardening by trimming back some of her plants.

Miss Deacon has some pictures to share with you from her local area when she has been out walking everyday as part of her exercise. She was amazed to see so many different things, it gave her a feeling of happiness to think how much our country has come together to help others get through a very tricky time.

Whilst on her walk she also spotted a bird egg. It was fairly small and unfortunately broken. She thinks a predator must have got hold of it and ate the contents of the egg. She thinks it is a blackbird’s egg, what do you think?

On another walk she spied someone had written on the path with chalk…

It said did you know that a male giraffe is up to 18 feet tall! And then it said look up… Miss Deacon looked up and saw that someone in the house had placed this in their window… do you think it’s 18 feet tall?

Finally for a bit of fun her aunt sent her this photo. You have to find a butterfly, a bat and a duck… can you spot them all? She has found the bat for you already!

Have a great week Year R. We miss you all.

Love From The Early Years Team

Home Learning Friday 15th May

Hello everyone,

Here is the home learning for the coming week. Please remember to choose from the activities we provide and not push yourself to complete all of them with your child. However, your child  must complete the maths, literacy and phonics learning each week.

Remember to continue to check Tapestry and continue to add your child’s learning to Tapestry also, we love seeing what they are up to!

Music Home Learning

Family Science Activity 

Art Challenge Famous Landmarks

Week 5- rainbow challenges

Phonics Week 5 Summer


I can read activity

Phase 2-HF Words Snakes and Ladders


air – phoneme spotter story

ure – phoneme spotter story

er – phoneme spotter story


qu,ch,sh,th,ng Read and Race Game

Word Cards


Phase 3 ar – Phoneme Roll and Read Mat

ar – phonics piggy bank activity

Phase 3 – long and short oo phoneme roll and read mat

Long oo short oo and ar sorting cards activity

ar – phoneme spotter story

oo short vowel sound phoneme spotter story


Thank you for all the work you are doing at home. We understand that some children may be  struggling to focus on their learning , please do not worry if you feel that you are not getting everything done. Listen to your child, they are little superheros the way they have adapted to life during this uncertain time. You don’t have to spend all day learning. You could just spend about 20 minutes a day if that is all your child is able to cope with that day. Enjoy your time together. Remember we are always at the end of the phone or email so please do not hesitate to contact the school if you need us!

Many thanks,

The Early Years Team

Fabulous Fun on Fridays

Hello everyone

We hope you have all had a lovely week. It has been great to see the sun back out and we can enjoy some outdoor learning again.

Here is what the Early Years Team have been up to this week.

Mrs Conlon has enjoyed making some jam tarts for Mr Conlon as he said these were his favourtie treat that his mum used to make him when he was a young boy! She has also enjoyed cooking lots of lovely meals at home in the slow cooker as well as having a go at making home made tortilla chips. They were delicious with the chilli. Mrs Conlon has also enjoyed engaging with some different workouts with Joe Wicks and some Disney mindfulness colouring in the evenings.

Mrs Grout has enjoyed taking part in a virtual quiz online with her husband and she was so pleased to win a virtual cream tea. Well done Mr and Mrs Grout. We hope you enjoy your delicious treat. She has also been watching her cucumber plants as they are starting to grow quickly now!

Mrs Aquilina has had a busy, but exciting week. As well as doing the daily PE workout with Joe Wicks, and home schooling her children, her step- son and his wife had a baby girl on Saturday, so Mrs Aquilina is a grand(step)mother!!!! Plus she has been baking again… this time providing well-deserved snacks for her eldest son and his work colleagues who are Key workers. She made them rocky roads and no- bake chocolate and peanut butter cookies!! Delicious.

Mrs King has had a very quiet week relaxing each evening with her family.  She did challenge Mr King to a game of scrabble… she hasn’t let on who won though. Who do you think won the game? Mrs King also had her new mattress delivered yesterday and she reports that she had the best night sleep ever last night! Sweet dreams Mrs King!

Miss Deacon was inspired by Mrs Aquilina’s baking last week so she had a go at making cinnamon swirls! They were absolutely delicious and a hit as they were all gone in 2 days!

It is a good job that Miss Deacon likes birds (you all know this because of the bird feeders she fills up at school) because in addition to seeing the ducks last week she now has blue tits nesting! They have chosen to nest in a nest box near her garage and she is lucky enough to see into the nest box because of a nest box camera! The pair spent a long time building the nest and eventually the mum laid 9 beautiful eggs. The mum sat on the eggs for 14 days and then they hatched! Since then both mum and dad have been busy feeding them! It’s such a great opportunity that Miss Deacon has to watch the blue tits bring up their chicks. She will keep us updated!

Love From The Early Years Team

Home Learning Friday 8th May

Hello Year R,

We hope you have been enjoying the sun the last few days!

Here is the home learning for next week.
This includes: Art, RE and Science. Please remember we do not expect you to do all the activities with your child as we are aware it is a lot. These are just different ideas to help engage your child with different aspects of the curriculum as much as possible. Again take your child’s lead if they find an interest in something at home and lead the learning from that to help keep them more focused with it. However, the children must participate in the Literacy, Maths and Phonics learning every week.

Many thanks for all the hard work you are putting in with your child’s learning at home. We have really enjoyed seeing lots being put on Tapestry.

Week 4- rainbow challenges

Phonics Week 4 Summer


ear – phoneme spotter story

oi – phoneme spotter-story

ow-phoneme spotter story


j,v,w,x,y,z,zz Read and Race Game

Roll and Read J

Roll and Read V

Roll and Read W

Roll and Read X

Roll and Read Y

Roll and Read zz


oa – Phoneme Spotter Story

ai – phoneme spotter story

ee – phoneme spotter story

igh – phoneme spotter story

ai,ee and igh-circle that word

Below are the art challenge set by Mrs Pearson, the science challenge and some RE learning.

Art Challenge

Family Science Activity Friday 8th May

Pentecost homework RE

Phonics learning and the rainbow challenges are also posted on Tapestry.

Have a wonderful week.

From the Early Years Team

Fabulous Fun on Fridays

That’s another week over and we know you are excited to find out what the teachers have been up to….

Mrs Aquilina has been busy this week putting her excellent baking skills to the test by making… chocolate eclairs! They look pretty delicious! Her whole family have enjoyed eating her yummy creation.


As well as baking Mrs Aquilina has taken part in some crafts, making salt dough ornaments and painting them with her daughter. She even made a special coronavirus lockdown plaque with her family to remind her of this time in years to come. Maybe you could do something similar with your family?

Mrs King wanted to share her own message this week: “Hello Year R, I hope that you are all keeping well. I have enjoyed looking at your home learning and I miss you all”.
Mrs King has tried her hand at hairdressing this week as Mr King braved allowing her loose with the clippers to cut his hair! We can confirm that he survived to tell the tale! Nice work Mrs King!

Mrs King has been looking at your rainbow challenges this week and was keen to try planting her own seeds. She decided to plant chilli seeds and placed a plastic pot over them to form a mini greenhouse to keep them warm. They have certainly shot up now!

Miss Deacon has had a quiet week, except she had some unusual visitors on her doorstep one morning… she wonders if they were asking if they could take a dip in her pond that’s in the back garden! They stayed around for most of the morning before flying off to get some lunch! Have you seen some unusual birds or animals on your travels?

Miss Deacon also decided to paint her own nails as she fancied a change! She chose rainbows to show her appreciation to the NHS and to add a little colour and happiness at this uncertain time. She hopes that you are all remembering to smile and be helpful at home.

On Sunday a pigeon flew into Mrs Conlon’s house through the open door! It struggled to get out so Mr Conlon had to encourage it out with a broom. Mrs Conlon hid behind the door laughing taking pictures! She has also been busy experimenting with making different breads this week and has continued to enjoy reading as well as regularly exercising in her living room.

Mrs Grout has been busy in her garden growing some spring onion seeds which have already started growing. She also went for a walk with her dog at the fort on top of the hill. Beautiful views to see in the sunshine!


And for an extra treat this week be sure to check out our school video that has a message from all the staff at St Peters to you children. We hope it makes you smile!

Remember to stay home and stay safe.

Love, The Early Years Team