Our chicks have hatched!

The children were very excited on Monday afternoon when the chick eggs arrived in school. They then came in on Tuesday morning to see one had hatched already! When they cam in on Wednesday five out of the six chicks had hatched and now we are just waiting on one more who has made a little crack in the egg so we are waiting patiently for its arrival.

Here are some of the photos of the children stroking one of the chicks.

The children have been hooked into writing about the chicks daily to explain what they have seen happen from when they came in up to when some of them have hatched. They have also been counting pretend eggs into nest and adding up the total in the tuff tray.

We are beginning to reinforce time language with the children by encouraging them to talk about what they did yesterday, today and what they are going to do tomorrow. Please ask your children what they did at school each evening to support this vocabulary.

Have a wonderful weekend

From the Year R team.