Monthly Archives: November, 2019

Nurse visit

This week the children have been showing an interest in looking after one another and playing doctors. We decided to ask a nurse to come in and talk to the children about her job. The children had lots of their own experiences to share, of them being seen by a nurse or going to the hospital. The children loved having a go with the medical equipment, they were able to try out a pulse monitor, stethoscope, thermometer and bandages!

The children have spent the rest of the week recreating doctors surgeries in their play.


Policeman Visit

This week we have been lucky enough to have a policeman visit our children. They were able to learn more about what the police do for their role. The children were excited to tell him all about what crimes had been occurring in our classrooms and he then told them what the police have to do to investigate crimes such as those. They looked at all the equipment policeman have to carry and went inside the police van.

The children then put this all into role in their play as they made their own police hats, handcuffs, took each others fingerprints and even questioned one another on whether they had created the mess in our classroom.

We also had a visit to Waterlooville Library where the children were introduced to how to find books around the library and enjoyed listening to some stories. A huge thank you to all the parents/grandparents that helped out with walking there. Very much appreciated to ensure our trip was able to go ahead.

We have also been learning about the number 7- how to make it and one more and one less than 7. Please practise this with your child at home. Any learning will be great to see on Tapestry.

Please continue to practise the Super 6 words with your child as well as all the phase 2 sounds encouraging your child to make cvc words for example cat.

Hope you have a restful weekend.

From the Year R team.

Police Investigators

The children were shocked when they came into the classrooms on Monday morning to find someone had come in and made a mess! The children noticed police tape, finger prints and footprints. They all wanted to get into role as police detectives to try and find clues around the classroom which would help them to identify who it was. They made their own police hats, ID badges and wanted posters.

During phonics the children have been learning the sounds l, ll and ss. Please continue to practise these at home along with their super 6 words. Some children have been given new words so please check their envelopes.

The children also listened to firework poems written by the Year 3 children. Here are some photos of them sharing their work with our Year Rs.


We hope you have a great weekend.

From the Year R team.

Remembrance Day

This week the children have begun looking at number 6. They have thought about that it is made up of 5 plus 1 more as well as recognising what it looks like on a dice.

They have learnt the sounds h, b, f and ff in their phonics this week and thought about what words start with each of the sounds.

We also focused on learning about Remembrance Day. The children were told that it is a day we remember all the soldiers who fought for us in the war and that we wear poppies as a sign to show this. They then created their own poppies, medals and soldier armour during their discovery time.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

From the Year R team.