Monthly Archives: October, 2019

Creative fun in Year R!

This week in maths we have been focusing on number 3 and 4. The children have been detectives looking around the classrooms for things that show these numbers and then labelling them. The children also chose to create garages and farms using boxes. They selected the correct tools to cut and stick to make their creations.



The children have also enjoyed making pirate and party hats as part of their interests this week.

The children have also had the opportunity to make their own smoothies! They challenged their physical development by practising their grating, cutting and mashing skills. It wasn’t all hard work though as they got to drink their smoothie creations after!

During half term please encourage your children to continue counting at home and around the shops as well as practising their flash cards.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term.
From the Year R team.

The number 2!

This week we have been focusing on the number 2 during our discovery time. The children have been finding two objects and then writing the number two. They have also been able to show that 1 add another 1 makes 2!

The children have also been applying their phonics knowledge within their play. They have been identifying the initial sounds of objects.

Please continue to practice the sounds which we send home weekly encouraging children to put sounds together to make their own words to then read.

Our focus for the coming week in maths is the number 3 and then moving onto number 4. Please encourage your children to be counting at home particularity when you’re out in the shops buying items.

From the Year R team.

Our learning this week!

This week the children have continued to focus on Stick Man. They have learnt about healthy eating and the importance of it. The children then created their own Stick Men using bread sticks, raisins and icing to then enjoy for their own snack.

During mathematics, the children have been measuring the height of Stick Man using blocks. They have been counting how many bricks tall each stick is and using language including: shortest and tallest to compare the heights between different Stick Men.

The children have learnt the following sounds over the past week and a half: s, a, t, p, i, n


Please practice these sounds daily with your children to support them with their understanding. It would also benefit your children if you encourage them to blend sounds at home as they are learning to do so in school. The dots underneath each letter are what we call ‘sound buttons’. The children are taught to point to each letter and say the sound aloud and then move onto blending the sounds to be able to read the word. For example:


We hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

From the year R team.

Stick Man!

The children have really enjoyed listening to the story ‘Stick Man’ this week. We have retold the story in a sequence using the vocabulary ‘first, second, next, last.’

In maths we have been ordering stick men from tallest to shortest using this key vocabulary to describe their heights. The children then incorporated this into their discovery where they were building towers with their friends and compared whose was taller or the tallest.

In phonics we have started to learn the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n. The children have been listening to the sounds, repeating them and practising the letter formation.

Please continue to practise the sounds with your children as they are sent home each week.


From the year r team.