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It’s the final countdown…

Its the final full week and the children have been working hard!

For literacy this week we wrote to the new Year R children about how we need to look after the toys in early years and what their favourite toys are. We had some lovely writing and it has been a great insight as to what the children have enjoyed  playing with this year.

In Maths we looked at subtraction on a number line! Children quickly grasped this concept and were making up subtraction number sentences of their own.

It is amazing to see how far these children have progressed and what a massive achievement for them to be able to read, write and make their own number sentences!

We break up for the summer on Tuesday 23rd July at the normal time of 3.15pm.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Early Years Team

What a week!

The children had a super busy week: we had a visitor, went on a trip to Oaklands chapel and the children had a whole day in their new class for next year!

For maths we looked at counting in two’s. The children’s challenge was to build a tower and count how many blocks tall it was in 2’s! They loved the challenge and many built towers that were 12-18 cubes tall!

In literacy, thanks to our police officer who visited, the children wrote a caption about a police scenario.

On Wednesday we visited Oaklands chapel and Miss Keogh helped us to re-enact as baptism as we are learning about the Sacraments. The children had great fun taking part. Thank you Miss Keogh!

Mrs White even bought in the dress that her children were baptised in, she hopes that they will use it for their children one day too! It’s beautiful and was once her wedding dress!

To draw the week to a close we had a visit from a police officer. A massive thank you to him – the children really enjoyed it!

New growth

A week of firsts so far this week. 

Yesterday the Year Rs had their very first sports day! They enjoyed the day, and we even had some winners! Well done, we are proud of you!

As well as sports day, the magic beans that we grew back in the spring term have been busy blooming and growing and today… we noticed our first broad bean! We will let it grow a bit more before the children can taste them!

The children have their first transition morning on Friday the 5th, we are sure that they will have a great time with their new teachers!

This week in maths we have been thinking about capacity and thinking about which containers hold more . In literacy we have been thinking about the emergency services and the number we call if you need help in an emergency. The children were particularly interested in police officers, so we have been learning about their job and we even have a police officer come to talk to us about his job next week!

The Sacraments have started this week, we ask that you bring in pictures of baptism and marriage, 2 of the 7 scarements, to share with the class and add to our display.

Dates for your diary:

8th July – transition

12th July – transition

17th July – school reports issued

23rd July – Last day of school