Giants & Chicks!

What an exciting week we had last week! The sun even came out for a little bit and we were graced with dry afternoons to spend in our outdoor area!

We started Monday morning as detectives as we had read a news report that stated that a Giant was on the loose! It was the children’s’ mission to write a wanted poster and then to make a trap to lure in the Giant so he could be caught! The children loved it!

For maths we looked at a new concept, doubling. The children enjoyed doubling the Jack’s bean seeds!

We have been looking at our growing beanstalks and one is about to reach the Giant’s castle! We will be planting them next week and will continue to watch their rapid growth. Hopefully we will see some beans soon… maybe we could even try some!

Finally we have spotted that a Blue Tit is nesting in our outdoor area in a nest box! The children have been excitedly watching it fly to and from box bringing its chicks food. Miss Deacon even set up a bird feeder to help the Mummy and Daddy chick source some yummy suet balls. We will keep a close eye on the box and hope to see little chick heads popping out of the hole when they are ready to fly.