Monthly Archives: March, 2019

New arrivals!

Last week we saw the arrival of 12 chicken eggs. It caused great excitement, yet the children were very respectful and careful with the precious load! After discussing what the children thought were in the eggs we looked at the growth of the chick inside the egg, using a range of non-fiction texts. The children then spent shifts looking at the eggs for signs of cracks in anticipation that the eggs would hatch! It didn’t take long though as our first chick hatched early Tuesday morning. Needless to say the children were practically running through the door to see the new member of Early Years! By the end of the week we had a total of 6 chicks. The children have loved having them in school.

We had a drama workshop visit us on Friday and taught us how to be eco friendly superheroes: reduce, reuse & recycle was their motto! They now know how to save the planet from the Bad Bopper!

In maths they explored length and spent their morning looking for things to measure and using language such as longer and shorter.

In literacy the chicks were the main motivation to write! We had children writing about what they could see (eggs and chicks!), how they should behave around the chicks and eggs and the life cycle of a chicken.

Dates for your Diary:

  • Wear it wacky day for CAFOD – Monday 1st April
  • Parent drop in to share children’s journals – Tuesday 2nd April
  • Inset day – Friday 5th April
  • Easter holidays – Monday 8th – Tuesday 23rd April

Welcome back!

Hello, and welcome to Spring term 2!

It has been a busy few weeks, so lets get you up to speed!

At the start of the term we had glorious weather so children spent their time exploring our new outdoor area: a builders shed, a maths shed and literacy shed. We also had a new mud kitchen delivered, along with some table and chairs. The children enjoyed their time outside!

Ash Wednesday – On Wednesday the 6th we had a visit from Miss Keogh from the Chapel in Oaklands. She explained to the children what Lent was about and the reason why, on Ash Wednesday, Catholics have an ash cross drawn on their foreheads. Every child and adult in Early Years received one!

Early Years also had a very special visitor on Thursday who bought us some bugs to look at and hold, to gather more information for our Minibeasts topic! Thank you Mrs Lipscomb, the children loved it! We were visited by 2 stick insects, an African land snail and a millipede!

The parents also dropped in for a games afternoon. Parents or grown ups from each family had the opportunity to bring the child’s favourite game and play it in school! The most popular game by far was on called ‘Don’t step in the poo!’. There were many squeals of delight as the children narrowly missed the playdough poop!

What a busy few weeks in Early Years – thank you for all that have visited us and supported us in the last few weeks.