Monthly Archives: January, 2019

The Aliens have landed!

In literacy this week the children have been read a story about Aliens coming to earth to destroy it! They have worked really hard to write to the Aliens to scare them into not visiting Earth! The children have done well and lucky no Aliens have turned up!

In maths we have been using Aliens to practise our subtraction. The children dressed up as Aliens and we counted them and then sent some back to their spaceship! The children loved it and some started to write their own number sentences!

For RE this week we looked at the story of Feeding the five thousand. They were amazed that 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish multiplied to feed the crowd of five thousand people. The children also had a chance to taste different types of bread, such as: Poppadoms, Pitta bread, Baguette, Crumpets and Potato Farls! They also got to touch a trout, they were using some great describing words to explain how it felt, like slimely, cold, slippery and scalely!


Welcome back!

Hello and welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely relaxing Christmas and spent time catching up with friends and family.

The children have settled back in well this week and we have had some amazing learning done by them. The first week back certainly started off with a blast as we launched our Space topic. All the children seem to be really engaged and the whole early years team are really impressed with the children’s knowledge of space already!

The children’s achievement was also celebrated this week with Year R going to the Golden Key celebration assembly. Each week one member from each class will be nominated to win the Golden Key. Children are rewarded the Golden Key by showing good learning behaviours and using the gifts that God gave them to achieve something  amazing. Children will also have the opportunity to win Showstopper writing, this is awarded to someone who has shown they have tried hard and used their phonics to write. Finally, Marvelous Mathematician will also be award once a month to a child from each class who shown us some brilliant number or shape work. We look forward to celebrating these achievements with the rest of the school!

On Thursday we had an outdoor afternoon where we looked for signs of Spring. Children had to be detectives and let us know if there were more signs of Winter or Spring. There were a few mixed views, and some really good explanations of why the children thought it was Winter/Spring. We will continue to talk about the four seasons and keep our eyes peeled for the signs of Spring!

Some useful information and reminders:

• 29th January: Pizza Express visit for Seahorses class.
• 5th February: Pizza Express visit for Starfish class. Letters to follow in January. We will require some adult helpers!
• Tuesday 12th February 10.00 am Liturgy.
• Half term: 18th – 22nd February.