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It has arrived!

In the last 2 weeks we have stepped up the festiveness! Year R have made some lovely crafts and keepsakes for Christmas 2018.

Last week we also had Christmas jumper day, we saw some amazing jumpers, ones that lit up, cool Santa Claus’ and even a full elf costume!

The children had an early Christmas lunch, as on Tuesday the whole school sat down for a traditional Christmas dinner with Christmas carols – a huge thank you to the ladies in the kitchen who made it!

A little Christmas treat arrived for the children in the form of a Pantomime. Treehouse theatre company gave us a brilliant performance of Robin hood. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching and joining in!

Remember it is an inset day on Friday 21st December and the start of the Christmas holidays. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your time off to catch up on family time and sleep! We look forward to seeing you all refreshed in the New Year.

Merry Christmas from the Early Years Team.

Christmas is coming!

The Nativity:
Last week reception partook in their very first Nativity at school, all went well despite a technical hitch! The children looked lovely in their costumes and all the staff in early years are so proud of them.

Year R also had their second outing on a trip to the Church where they watched an Advent service and sung some songs. They also looked at Advent in worship and made their very own class wreath, exploring the meaning of the candles.

STEM day:
On Friday we had a whole school STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) day. In early years we thought about the materials that would be best for building Jesus’ stable. Which would be strongest and most waterproof? We put cardboard and sugar cubes in water to see what would happen and tested plastic film to see if it kept things dry. We then all had a go at building using a range of materials in the classroom: junk, lego, sugar cubes, paper straws and plastic straws and rolled up paper tubes. We had a great time finding out!!