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Dear Parents

And so a new half term begins!! We hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday and a not too scary Halloween!

Next week we will be learning…

Maths: In maths next week we will be thinking about what is one more or one less than a number. We will be using our fingers and other objects to help us and using bigger numbers for the children who are confident to tell us without any support.

Literacy: In literacy this week we will be writing messages in a bottle to a pirate! We will be building on our work last week, thinking about the initial and other sounds in words and recording them. The children have been working really hard to blend sounds to read small words and segmenting them to help them write. If you could support them at home in this by making small words with the letters we are sending home and encouraging them to write any sounds they can hear that would be great. Don’t worry if your child is not yet ready for this! Play eye spy, practise the letter sound cards and enjoy reading together. Thank you.

Phonics: Next week we will be recapping the letters we have learnt so far and teaching the children the tricky words ‘the, no, go ‘ and ‘I’. Please could you practise these with the children at home.


Other events….

On Friday we will be having a History day as a school, looking at Remembrance in the context of World War 1. We will be doing some art work, thinking about the differences in how people lived  then in comparison to us  and learning a song as well as visiting the chapel at Oakland’s school where we will be having some quiet time following our whole school assembly in the morning.


Some useful information and reminders!


  • A parents meeting about phonics will take place at30 on Tuesday 20th November. Please come along so that you can hear how we will be teaching phonics in the coming weeks.
  • We will be going to the library on 21st November. A reminder to return any late paperwork.
  • Please return any washed PE kits that are not back at school.


Thank you


The Early Years team


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