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Dear Parents                                                                                                                                              02.07.18

Hello again!


  • In literacy this week the Evil Pea (from Supertato) will be sending us a letter explaining that he has kidnapped all of the superheroes. Our task it to design and make a trap to capture Evil Pea. They will work together in teams to design, label and make a trap. It will be fun to see what the children think of!
  • In maths we will be looking at money, matching pennies to coin denominations.
  • In phonics: we will be continuing phase 4 and also focusing on learning to spell some of the tricky words that they need to know by the end of reception.
  • This week the children will be spending some sessions in the year 1 classes and will soon be finding out who their teacher is for next year.


Reminders and requests:


  • As usual: named hats, water bottle and sun block applied before they come into school please!
  • Please could you send your child in with their library books ASAP as Mrs D will be dong a stock take in the next couple of weeks. Your child will be allowed to borrow a book over the summer.
  • Multicultural Party: We would like to have an end of term celebration with the children, celebrating their year with us and the different family heritage of the children in our class. We will be asking you to please send in some food celebrating their culture as well as national flags and other objects that the children can be proud about to share with the children in early years. Previously we have all shared Sri Lankan rice, Irish bread and Hampshire strawberries.


The Early Years Team



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