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Tuppenny Barn

This week saw us at Tuppenny Barn in Southbourne near Emsworth. We spent

the day with some lovely adults, both helping us as parents and those providing stimulating and engaging activities for the children to do at the barn itself.

We did 4 activities throughout the day in smaller groups. We looked at creatures on and in the pond, we made a green salad, we went on a tour of the organic farm and we made plant pots out of newspaper and then planted a seed. We all had a great day! It was very warm but we were all very well behaved and drank lots of water to keep us cool. We also tasted cucumber water which the barn made for us. It was lovely and refreshing!


IMG_5583 IMG_5560IMG_5582

IMG_5550 IMG_5544

Welcome back!

This week has seen us starting our new topic focusing in the book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’  The children found some paw prints on Monday morning and were very excited about trying to find the bear. We have learnt the book using actions and props and have even been outside onto the grass and trees to reenact the story.



The children have also been writing little books about the story and are really showing that they understand about the structure of the book. Next week we will be drawing some story maps to help us sequence the story. ( See if you can spot the caterpillars in this photo too! We are hoping hey will grow into butterflies soon!)

Thank you to this dog you who have returned the trip slips and money. Please come and see us if there are any problems. We look forward to going in just over a week!

Off to St Peters Fest now. Hope to see lots of you there!

The early years team.