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A tortoise comes to visit!

We were very lucky this week to have a tortoise come to visit us!! He is 15 years old and the children were fascinated! We talked about how we need to look after him, what food he likes and where he goes to sleep in the winter. We thought of other animals with similar scaly skin and watched him as he tried to escape the tuff spot! Thank you very much to his family for bringing him in!


We have also done our  Liturgy this week where we talked about Jesus’ Mum Mary and our own Mums and special ladies. The children did very well, learnt their lines and sat quietly while Father Vitalis spoke.

We are entering a period of hot weather which we hope continues into the next half term! Please remember to bring in water bottles and hats and to apply suncream before the children come in in the morning.

We wish you a peaceful and happy half term.

The early years team.

And more growing!…..

IMG_5235 IMG_5236

And another week has gone by…..We have been very busy planting more seeds and making grass heads. When the grass has grown we hope it will look like our hair! We will post some photographs when they are done.  Ask the children to explain what we mean!

This week we have been learning all about two dimensional shape. We have been making shapes out of sticks and other natural resources outside. The children were able to tell us about the properties of the shapes.

We have also been writing lots of labels on how to use and be safe on the outside equipment. See if you can spot some of our laminated signs around the outside area.

Please remember to send your child in with suitable clothing for the weather. They will still need a coat if it looks like rain but a hat and sunscreen applied if hot!

The early years team

Home learning

Dear all

Here is this half terms home learning . We hope you enjoy exploring our new topic with your children at home.

The early years team.

Bloom’s HL 08.05.17 – growing

Seeds galore!

Hello again !


This week we have been doing lots of planting of seeds. We have been planting sunflowers in pots and also bean seeds in plastic bags so that we can watch them as the roots and shoots grow. We have also been doing lots of mark making inside and out and lots of the children are choosing to write in their new’discovery books’ which is great to see. If your child shows an interest it would be great to encourage them to write at home. Perhaps they can write your shopping list or write a card for a family member. Some of the children have been using our sequencing input to write about what we did when we planted the seeds. If your child does any writing they want to show please add to tapestry or ask them to come in and show us!

Watch this space for news of a trip on 29th June…

Many thanks

The early years team