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What a fabulous week!

We LOVED our visit from the fire service on Thursday. It was wonderful that every child got to have a turn using the hose and getting inside the fire engine. We certainly learned lots!


Tomorrow we will be having visitors of the fluffy kind… Watch this space!

Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a lovely half term filled with lots of time for relaxation!

Just to keep you in the loop: we are having a visit from the fire service this week so have been getting ready! What do you think of our fire station and fire engine?





Home learning for this week and the holidays…

Home Learning w/b 8/2/16

We have been learning all about ‘people who help us’. Who do you know that does a job which helps people?

Sounds this week:

‘oa’ ‘oo’ (as in boot) ‘oo’ (as in book)

Tricky words: ‘was’ and ‘my’

Please look at a book a day on Bugclub over the holidays!

You’re under arrest!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘people who help us’ topic so far- the highlight of which is certain to be the visit from two police officer Daddies (Officer Burridge and Officer Lipscomb) and our local PCSO, Carl Boxall.

Oliver even asked to arrest me!


Our birthday children got to set off the lights and the siren (which was very loud), and we all learned which number to call if we had an emergency. We also talked about police officers being there to help– not someone to be scared of!

Here are some photos of our fun day of learning!





Our new topic!

We hope your children have been telling you all about ‘People Who Help Us’: our new topic! We have been busy thinking of what we want to learn about and making new role play areas, including a vets surgery!

We will be visited tomorrow by a police officer, a PCSO and a police car in order to make the topic come alive. If any parents would like to volunteer to share their profession with us then please do!

Below is this week’s home learning, including the link to the new pyramid (a copy of which is also stuck into your child’s home learning adventure book).

Home Learning w/b 1/2/16

We have been learning all about ‘people who help us’. Who helps you? Could you interview them? Draw them? Write about them?

Tricky words this week:

‘the’ ‘to’ ‘we’ ‘me’  ‘be’ ‘he’ ‘she’ ‘no’ ‘go’

Can you do some police maths? E.g. 3 robbers, 2 go to jail, how many are left?

Bloom’s HL People Who Help Us