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Our Visit to Waterlooville Library

Year R were very excited to walk to the library this morning!

It was a very long walk but we made good time and arrived by 10.00am.

At the library, the lovely Waterlooville librarians read us some stories and taught us about what you can borrow from the library.

We went on a scavenger hunt around the library. We found picture books, information books, DVDs, audio books and board books for babies.

We all borrowed a book from Waterlooville library.

Then we walked all the way back to school, just in time for lunch.

We were very well behaved and sensible along the busy roads.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Please remember to return your book to Waterlooville library when you have finished enjoying it.

Perhaps you could borrow another one…

You know you want to listen to more…

Another nativity sneak peek…

Listen to our nativity rehearsals!



We have had the most amazing day, and the children have thrown themselves fully in to their first school trip (as I’m sure you will be able to tell by how tired they are)! We have seen pigs, goats, brushed a donkey, played in the park, looked for autumn colours, met a ferret and had a lovely picnic but to name a few things.

We were so very impressed with how well-behaved the children were and were pleased by how much they got out of today. Thank you so much to all the parent helpers who made it possible (and Mr Ponsford for driving the bus)!

Here are just a few pictures of the things we got up to:











Have a lovely, restful weekend!


Mrs Stray and Miss Moncreaff

The first week back after half term…

We have had a busy week so far down in Year R as we have had our first liturgy and launched our new topic- Percy the Park Keeper!

The children are working hard to become park keepers and earn a park keeper badge, so keep your eyes peeled for special awards!  We have been gardening, sweeping, digging, making mud pies, acting out the story and taking part in lots of other activities based on the Nick Butterworth stories. Ask your child what they have been up to this week and they will, we’re sure, excitedly fill you in.

Just a few reminders:

This Saturday is our Groundforce Day- if you can help in any way possible we would greatly appreciate it. Also, do not forget that this coming Monday is parents’ evening- you must have signed up by Friday 6th to get a slot! We will be running through all sorts of new information as well as discussing how your child is getting on, so please ensure that you get an appointment before they all get snapped up!

Coming soon… HOME LEARNING ADVENTURE BOOKS! These will be handed out at parents evening in addition to you having the wonderful opportunity to look through your child’s learning journey!

Have great weekend,

Mrs Stray and Miss Moncreaff