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Home Learning this week…

Letters and Sounds:

  • Miss Moncreaff’s Phonics Group: Revision of all Phase 3 sounds
  • Mrs White’s Phonics Group:

ai, ea, igh, oa

  • Miss Rhoades’ Phonics Group:
  • oy, ir ue, aw
  • Mrs O’Carolan’s Phonics Group:

a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e

Home Learning:

Have you got any questions to ask your new teacher? Could you write them down and give them to your new teacher?

Remember this little guy?


Look at him now!



A message from Arabella’s Mum about how Jesus the chick/cockerel is now doing…

“As promised here are a couple of pictures of Jesus the Cockerel finally united with (hopefully) the mothers of his chicks. His girlfriends are called Cadbury, Pecky and Flecky (though I personally can’t tell the difference between them!) and, after a few little ‘spats’ they are all getting along fine. He crows from 3am now, all day until dusk, and has a lovely strong loud crow..ha ha. And as you can see, he is a handsome fellow! He remembers all the children from your class I’m sure, and is very grateful to be able to come and live with Arabella, and comes running when he hears children’s voices! “