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Year R Welcome Meeting

Dear parents,

Just to remind you that our welcome meetings are this Thursday at 2pm and 4pm.

See you all there!

Miss Rhoades


The fun you can have with a washing up liquid bottle…

This week we have been saving all of our washing up liquid bottles and filling them with coloured water for the children to use. They have had so much fun writing their names using the water and even practising our new sounds ‘s,a,t,p,i,n and m’!


We hope everyone who came for our coffee afternoon today enjoyed the time to talk with other parents and ask any burning questions they had!

See you all tomorrow…

Miss Rhoades and Miss Moncreaff

What we have been up to this week…

Dear Parents,

What a brilliant week we have had in Reception! All of the children have been so eager to learn and participate in the learning activities which has been a joy to behold.

This week we have introduced Letters and Sounds to your children, learning ‘s,a,t,p’ this week (bottle tops and cards will be sent out next week). We have also been practising our name recognition and writing, creating name labels for our classrooms. In Maths this week we have been exploring measures and even had a visit from a Giant asking us to measure his footprints! During discovery time the children have been exploring new sensory activities such as shaving foam, corn flour gloop, coloured water, rice and pasta which they have loved.

See you all on Monday!

Miss Rhoades and Miss Moncreaff

p.s you will meet the rest of your class next week…how exciting!!! 🙂


Our first week in school!

Dear Parents,

We have had a wonderful first week in school! Your children have settled in beautifully and have shown real independence as the week has progressed!

This week we have been:

  •  Creating self portraits, exploring the paint, chalks, crayons and pastels which we really enjoyed!
  • Going on a school treasure hunt to find out all about our new school
  • Creating our class rules
  • Exploring our woodland nature trail on our field, foraging for blackberries which we washed and ate back in the class.
  • Naming our new class goldfish ‘Octopus, Candy and Acorn’


Thank you for all of your support this week!

Miss Rhoades and Miss Moncreaff