WB 9.7.18

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                              09.07.18

Hello again!


  • The end of term is fast approaching! This week sees us begin to get ready for year 1. The children will spend the afternoon on Monday in their new classes. We hope that they were excited to tell you all about their stay with their new teacher on Friday afternoon. On Tuesday we are involved in a dance workshop and Wednesday afternoon sees us all heading to Oaklands where we will watch the year 6 production of Annie with the whole school. Friday sees the children spend the whole day in their new classes.

Reminders and requests:


  • As usual: named hats, water bottle and sun block applied before they come into school please!
  • Thank you very much to all of you who have sent in your library books. Please could we have the last couple of stragglers so that Mrs D can finalise her stock take. Thank you. Your child will be allowed to borrow a book over the summer.
  • Multicultural Party: This will take place on Wednesday afternoon (18th). We ask that you make something with your child to celebrate their culture e.g. Irish soda bread, Japanese seaweed. Please send your child’s contribution in a named Tupperware on the morning of the 18th. No nuts or nut products please.


The Early Years Team


This Coming Week…

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                              02.07.18

Hello again!


  • In literacy this week the Evil Pea (from Supertato) will be sending us a letter explaining that he has kidnapped all of the superheroes. Our task it to design and make a trap to capture Evil Pea. They will work together in teams to design, label and make a trap. It will be fun to see what the children think of!
  • In maths we will be looking at money, matching pennies to coin denominations.
  • In phonics: we will be continuing phase 4 and also focusing on learning to spell some of the tricky words that they need to know by the end of reception.
  • This week the children will be spending some sessions in the year 1 classes and will soon be finding out who their teacher is for next year.


Reminders and requests:


  • As usual: named hats, water bottle and sun block applied before they come into school please!
  • Please could you send your child in with their library books ASAP as Mrs D will be dong a stock take in the next couple of weeks. Your child will be allowed to borrow a book over the summer.
  • Multicultural Party: We would like to have an end of term celebration with the children, celebrating their year with us and the different family heritage of the children in our class. We will be asking you to please send in some food celebrating their culture as well as national flags and other objects that the children can be proud about to share with the children in early years. Previously we have all shared Sri Lankan rice, Irish bread and Hampshire strawberries.


The Early Years Team



This Week…

Dear Parents                                                                                                                                             25.06.18

Hello again!

In literacy this week we will be doing our independent ‘rocket job’ as well as completing some more focused work with an adult. As always we will be encouraging the children to write independently in their play. It is lovely to see so many of them keen to write and show us their achievements.
In maths we will be focusing on addition and subtraction problems, solving them in creative ways and thinking about which operation we are using. Is the number going to get bigger or smaller? Are we adding or taking away?
In phonics: we will be continuing phase 4. Remember the link to phonics play if you want to support your child at home in this.


Reminders and requests:

Could we ask again: We will be thinking about the Sacraments in RE this term and would be grateful for any photographs you may have of your child involved in their Baptism, attending a wedding or Confirmation or other special event. Thank you to those of you who have already sent in pictures. We will be looking at these photographs on Wednesday.
Final parent drop in on Friday 29th June at 2.45. Please come along and share your child’s work.
Could we please have your empty washing up liquid bottles for squirting? Please ensure that the squirty lids remain in place! Thank you!
There are still a lot of children not coming to school with a water bottle. Please ensure that this is brought in daily as we are getting through a huge number of plastic cups and are trying to teach the children about looking after our environment. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Early Years Team

Pizza Express

We had the best trip today to pizza express. We were able to be a part of every stage of pizza making and even got to eat our creations!


Happy snow day!

What a fabulous week it has been. We have enjoyed bedtime story hour, lots of exploring the snow and now a day at home to enjoy it!

Please stay safe in the snow and make the most of it.

We are looking forward to parents evenings next week to let you know about how well your children have settled and how much they can now do!

See you next week,

The Early Years Team

Happy Half Term!

We have been very busy in YR and I am sure that the children will now appreciate a very restful holiday, spending time relaxing and recovering from bugs! We have lots of exciting trips and experiences coming up, but hope your children have told you all about what they have already had. Make sure you ask them about the vet visit and our friends from Pets at Home!


Have a great week,


The Early Years Team

Bug hunting

Today (Friday) saw us taking part in a whole school STEM day (looking at science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We made our own magnifying glasses out of plastic cups, elastic bands and cling film and then hunted for bugs in the woods which we looked at using our magnifying glasses. We poured water on to the top of the cling film and this helped to make our bugs and leaves look bigger… It was really fun and the children were very engaged. See if you can find some bugs in your garden at home?

Have a lovely weekend

The early years team

Spring term

Dear all

We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas break, that the children are well rested and that they are raring to go!

We will be starting our new topic of ‘The animals went in two by two’ this half term and would love to see any photographs of pets or favorite animals or any ‘kit’ that could go in our role play areas which have been transformed into vets.

We will be sending out a letter to you all this week outlining some house keeping issues so please keep a look out for it. Next week we will be learning new ‘digraphs’… information to follow!

We look forward to a productive term.

The early years team.

At the woods

Last week saw our first foray into our woodland area. We donned our waterproof coats and trousers and pulled on our wellies and set off to the field. We learnt all about how to stay safe before we went and then had fun exploring. We collected some blackberries as well as had a go at climbing the tree with Mrs James help! We found paths in the woods and had great fun exploring.


This week we have been focusing on our 6 C of ‘commitment’ in worship, adding to the foci of collaboration and courtesy that we have looked at in previous weeks. Next week we will be thinking about creativity. It would be great if you could talk about this with your child.

Thank you to all of you who came to the welcome meeting this week. It was great to see so many of you! If you were unable to attend you should have had a copy of the power point presentation added to your child’s book bag. Please shout if not!

The early years team

Settling in!

Hello again

The children are now entering their second full week and have been enjoying coming into school and making new friends. We have had a lovely time outside in the (mostly) sunny weather… playing some lovely role play in the ‘drive through’, learning our numbers and counting and doing lots of writing about the dens we have been building.

IMG_6259 IMG_6137

We hope they enjoy the rest of this week! Please remember to bring the children’s reading books to school and also to being any wellies if you have not already done so!

The early years team