Giants & Chicks!

What an exciting week we had last week! The sun even came out for a little bit and we were graced with dry afternoons to spend in our outdoor area!

We started Monday morning as detectives as we had read a news report that stated that a Giant was on the loose! It was the children’s’ mission to write a wanted poster and then to make a trap to lure in the Giant so he could be caught! The children loved it!

For maths we looked at a new concept, doubling. The children enjoyed doubling the Jack’s bean seeds!

We have been looking at our growing beanstalks and one is about to reach the Giant’s castle! We will be planting them next week and will continue to watch their rapid growth. Hopefully we will see some beans soon… maybe we could even try some!

Finally we have spotted that a Blue Tit is nesting in our outdoor area in a nest box! The children have been excitedly watching it fly to and from box bringing its chicks food. Miss Deacon even set up a bird feeder to help the Mummy and Daddy chick source some yummy suet balls. We will keep a close eye on the box and hope to see little chick heads popping out of the hole when they are ready to fly.

Welcome back

The summer term has begun and with it we have started our growth topic! Over this half term the children will be planting a variety of seeds and watching them grow.

We have new role play areas in each classroom: a garden centre and a flower shop. Children have had great fun planting seeds and buying flowers in their discovery time!

As the days get sunnier and warmer we hope to be outside a lot more and giving our outdoor area a bit of TLC by tidying and planting some summer flowers and plants.

In Maths, so far, we have looked at days of the week, seasons and halving. This week we will be looking at doubling. Can children recognize a double in objects and numbers?

In English we have been looking at instructions on how to plant a seed and few of us have had a go at writing instructions ourselves! This week we will be looking adjectives and using them to describe the Giant from Jack and the beanstalk.

We had a busy start to the week and had our school trip to QE country park, the children enjoyed themselves and go to go on a Double Decker coach! The children had so much fun that a few fell asleep on the way home on the coach!

Next week we look forward to continuing tidying up our outdoor area and observing our caterpillars for any changes!

What a busy term it will be!

It’s Easter

Easter is finally upon us, we hope that the families from early years have a relaxing and well deserved break.

The Spring term has been full of excitement and special visitors for the children. They have worked super hard, really showing us how they can use their phonics and number skills.

In the last week of term Miss Keogh visited us for Stations of the cross. She told us that Jesus visited stations on his journey to be crucified.  The children were surprised by the journey Jesus took to be crucified and full of awe that he died for us. To remember the journey that Jesus took we made twig crosses, which are now displayed in school Reception.

Parents and carers also joined us for a learning journal meet and share. Children told their family members about their favourite moments and what they were most proud of.

On the last day of term children had an Easter craft day! They made chocolate nests, cards and baskets to collect their Easter eggs in. Seahorses even had an Easter egg hunt!

We wish you a Happy Easter and will see you on 23rd April when school returns.

New arrivals!

Last week we saw the arrival of 12 chicken eggs. It caused great excitement, yet the children were very respectful and careful with the precious load! After discussing what the children thought were in the eggs we looked at the growth of the chick inside the egg, using a range of non-fiction texts. The children then spent shifts looking at the eggs for signs of cracks in anticipation that the eggs would hatch! It didn’t take long though as our first chick hatched early Tuesday morning. Needless to say the children were practically running through the door to see the new member of Early Years! By the end of the week we had a total of 6 chicks. The children have loved having them in school.

We had a drama workshop visit us on Friday and taught us how to be eco friendly superheroes: reduce, reuse & recycle was their motto! They now know how to save the planet from the Bad Bopper!

In maths they explored length and spent their morning looking for things to measure and using language such as longer and shorter.

In literacy the chicks were the main motivation to write! We had children writing about what they could see (eggs and chicks!), how they should behave around the chicks and eggs and the life cycle of a chicken.

Dates for your Diary:

  • Wear it wacky day for CAFOD – Monday 1st April
  • Parent drop in to share children’s journals – Tuesday 2nd April
  • Inset day – Friday 5th April
  • Easter holidays – Monday 8th – Tuesday 23rd April

Welcome back!

Hello, and welcome to Spring term 2!

It has been a busy few weeks, so lets get you up to speed!

At the start of the term we had glorious weather so children spent their time exploring our new outdoor area: a builders shed, a maths shed and literacy shed. We also had a new mud kitchen delivered, along with some table and chairs. The children enjoyed their time outside!

Ash Wednesday – On Wednesday the 6th we had a visit from Miss Keogh from the Chapel in Oaklands. She explained to the children what Lent was about and the reason why, on Ash Wednesday, Catholics have an ash cross drawn on their foreheads. Every child and adult in Early Years received one!

Early Years also had a very special visitor on Thursday who bought us some bugs to look at and hold, to gather more information for our Minibeasts topic! Thank you Mrs Lipscomb, the children loved it! We were visited by 2 stick insects, an African land snail and a millipede!

The parents also dropped in for a games afternoon. Parents or grown ups from each family had the opportunity to bring the child’s favourite game and play it in school! The most popular game by far was on called ‘Don’t step in the poo!’. There were many squeals of delight as the children narrowly missed the playdough poop!

What a busy few weeks in Early Years – thank you for all that have visited us and supported us in the last few weeks.

Let half term commence

Dear All,

We have had a busy but exciting final week to Spring 1. The children have performed their second liturgy of the school year to parents and carers. The theme for this was revelations and the story of feeding the five thousand. The children made lovely loaves and fish props with Mrs Pearson to help bring the story alive. Thank you to all the parents who came to watch and for getting involved too!

Next, the children got to watch as the crane bought in our new building. The children found this very exciting and some could even tells us what they builders were doing and why! They were all very keen to see the finished result and what the building will have inside it, but they will have to wait another 4 weeks before this happens!

Finally we had our poetry competition. Many thanks to those who supported their children at home with practising and learning their poems. It was really brilliant to see the children perform and it was evident of all the hard work you put in. It was a tough decision, but the 4 children have been chosen to go into the final. The final will take place on Friday 8th March where the children will be performing in front of the school. Costumes and actions are encouraged!

Thanks again for your support during Spring 1, we ask you to enjoy your week off. Allow time for family, rest and talking, but please also continue to work with your child on maths, phonics sounds and reading. It really makes a difference to their learning!

We hope you have a lovely half term,

The Early Years Team

Last week

Last week saw starfish class visit pizza express to make their own margarita pizza. They had a fabulous time being mini chefs for the morning!

The two year R class teachers spent 2 days on courses, learning lots of new things to implement into the school day. We are looking forward to trying them out soon.

In RE last week we looked at other faiths. Both classes looked at Sikhism and what their faith was all about. They learnt about their place of worship and their special book. They then turned their classroom into a Gurdwara, taking off their shoes and making sure that the boys and girls sat on different sides.

Dates for your diary:

Half term: 18th-22nd February

Fun in the snow!

Last week saw our first snow fall of the year, and so we took the children out to play with it! We had lots of children making snowmen, snow angels and snow animals. We also had our ‘safety officers’ who were sweeping the snow so others had a clear path so they did not slip up! The children had a lovely morning in the snow and then many decided to write about their snow adventures! The year R team were very impressed with the sounds and HFW that the children are using in their writing.

It was an eventful for week for Seahorse, because as well as the snow they also had their school trip to pizza express where they got to make their very own cheese and tomato pizza! They then bought it back to school and had a pizza picnic!

Useful reminders:

  • Year R have their liturgy on Tuesday 12th February
  • Last day of term is Friday 15th February

The Aliens have landed!

In literacy this week the children have been read a story about Aliens coming to earth to destroy it! They have worked really hard to write to the Aliens to scare them into not visiting Earth! The children have done well and lucky no Aliens have turned up!

In maths we have been using Aliens to practise our subtraction. The children dressed up as Aliens and we counted them and then sent some back to their spaceship! The children loved it and some started to write their own number sentences!

For RE this week we looked at the story of Feeding the five thousand. They were amazed that 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish multiplied to feed the crowd of five thousand people. The children also had a chance to taste different types of bread, such as: Poppadoms, Pitta bread, Baguette, Crumpets and Potato Farls! They also got to touch a trout, they were using some great describing words to explain how it felt, like slimely, cold, slippery and scalely!


Welcome back!

Hello and welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely relaxing Christmas and spent time catching up with friends and family.

The children have settled back in well this week and we have had some amazing learning done by them. The first week back certainly started off with a blast as we launched our Space topic. All the children seem to be really engaged and the whole early years team are really impressed with the children’s knowledge of space already!

The children’s achievement was also celebrated this week with Year R going to the Golden Key celebration assembly. Each week one member from each class will be nominated to win the Golden Key. Children are rewarded the Golden Key by showing good learning behaviours and using the gifts that God gave them to achieve something  amazing. Children will also have the opportunity to win Showstopper writing, this is awarded to someone who has shown they have tried hard and used their phonics to write. Finally, Marvelous Mathematician will also be award once a month to a child from each class who shown us some brilliant number or shape work. We look forward to celebrating these achievements with the rest of the school!

On Thursday we had an outdoor afternoon where we looked for signs of Spring. Children had to be detectives and let us know if there were more signs of Winter or Spring. There were a few mixed views, and some really good explanations of why the children thought it was Winter/Spring. We will continue to talk about the four seasons and keep our eyes peeled for the signs of Spring!

Some useful information and reminders:

• 29th January: Pizza Express visit for Seahorses class.
• 5th February: Pizza Express visit for Starfish class. Letters to follow in January. We will require some adult helpers!
• Tuesday 12th February 10.00 am Liturgy.
• Half term: 18th – 22nd February.