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Home learning update

Hello Year 6 pupils and parents

If you have come to the blog in seach of home learning resources for the self-isolation period, please be advised that these are now located in pupils’ Microsoft Teams accounts. Details of this, together with pupil emails and logins were sent out via parentmail recently.

Please contact the school office if you require further assistance.

Stay well,


The Year 6 Team

The power of the media!

The children this week have been thinking about the power of the media in a range of different ways.

We have been unpicking aspects of recent speeches given by Joe Biden and how his message of peace and unity relates to the ideals of our Creation Unit in RE – this has been an interesting exercise and the children enjoyed applying their Creation knowledge to current, real-world issues. On top of this, Year 6 have written a persuasive letter to the BBC requesting that more documentaries and television programmes reveal wolves in a more positive light. Again, this has been an enriching process where the children have acquired new subject-specific knowledge about wolves. Their composition and output has really ramped up!

Children have continued to develop their sending and receiving skills in netball, practising ‘the pivot’ to orientate their position better before passing. The girls certainly ‘out pivoted’ the boys this week!


  • There are still a couple of weeks until the reading passports are due in. Get stuck into it!
  • It has been great to see what children have been reading at home through their on-going book reviews – keep aiming to complete a review every two weeks.
  • Ideally, children should be making their way through their second ‘must read book’ of the year (out of six books)
  • If you have yet to book your virtual parents evening slot, remember to!


Have a good weekend,

The Year 6 Team


Straight back into it…

Having had a lovely (if slightly wet!) half-term break, the children settled down into their learning without a break in their stride from last term.

This week we have learnt how we can use factors to help with dividing by two digit numbers. For example, 388 divided by 12 can be solved by first dividing by 3 and then dividing the answer by 4. Have a go yourself – it really is very efficient. Next week we will be learning ‘old school’ long division. It may help to have a reminder of this method here

In our English learning we have been generating reasoned arguments to put in a letter to the BBC to encourage them to portray wolves in a more positive light.

Next week we were looking forward to listening to Debbie from the Waterlooville Foodbank and asking her some questions around their work. Unfortunately this can no longer happen but we have emailed her them instead and are looking forward to her responses.

We finished this week by taking a detailed look at the role of women in Ancient Greece, comparing their lives to those of modern women. This provoked some excellent discussion around what is ‘normal’ for women in today’s society and some outrage at the way in which Greek ladies were generally tied to the home!


Please can all children continue to practise their times tables and related division facts. The lockdown period definitel impacted the recall of these.

The ‘Autumn Reading Challenge’ is still ongoing. Well done to Caitlin Meechan for completing hers this week.


Have a lovely, restful weekend.


The Year 6 team.