Pottering about this week!

A great time was had by all on Tuesday during our Harry Potter day of learning! The young wizards really stepped-up their efforts with a fantastic array of costumes and their efforts during the day. Dumbledore and Hagrid really hope they enjoyed it…

As you would expect, much of our English work revolved around a scene from Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone and the children loved watching the opening forty minutes of the film.

We have moved onto refining our skills in multiplication and division this week, where the children have tackled real-life problems and they have considered how drawing a table can help them see a pattern in the problem. Of course , knowing your number facts is a real help for these types of problems – please encourage and make time for your children to practise these as part of their home learning.

TTRockstars is a great resource – maybe you could challenege one-another!

Plans have been finalised for a morning of adventurous activities at The Peter Ashley Centre. A Parentmail has been sent with full details. If you need further information, do contact the school office.


Have a great weekend!

The Year 6 Team

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