Monthly Archives: February, 2020

A recipe for successful learning.

Year 6 children applied their maths skills to solving a wide range of recipe based problems this week, from flapjacks and ice-creams to a meat-free-Monday lentil bolognese! This involved scaling up and down of ingredients to calculate how much of each item would be needed for a given number of people. We were impressed with the strategies children were choosing to find quantities for 3 when the recipe was for 5. Maybe they can help out at home this weekend?

Our English work is now focused on writing convincing applications for the role of Intelligence Officer with MI6. The children have perused the requirements of the role and identified the skills and qualities that they possess that will set them apart from other applicants. We are now working on embedding the formal language required to effectively communicate these ideas.

A highlight of the week was Art with Mrs Pearson, where the children have worked extremely well, applying their skills to develop pieces depecting scenes from Good Friday. We look forward to the finished pieces.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 6 Team

A troubled bridge over water!

Our STEM day today, as the title alludes to, was shaped around designing and constructing bridges that would withstand a span across the Solent. A load was tested in the form of a thesaurus to see whether the infrastructure of the bridge was adequate enough. This was harder than it first appeared as the children could only use plain paper as their raw material. They had to consider the idea of scaling and scale factor to be able to think proportionately.

The children exhibited many of St Peter’s core values in the process, particularly being creative, reflective, cooperative, curious and resilience. There were definitely some youthful James Dysons in-the-making!

See below for some of their ingenious designs…