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Merry Christmas from your Year 6 Team

The children have had a lovely creative week in the run-up to a very well deserved Christmas break. Carrying on from our comparison of lives of women in Ancient Greece and Mayan society, we focussed our attention onto the Greek gods. After some throrough research and note taking, we were all very proud of our finished pieces.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all parents who generously sent in cards, presents and good wishes. We are truly very grateful.

Have a fantastic Christmas break!

The Year 6 Team


Christmas Caring Cans Completed!

This week is the final tinsel on the tree when it comes to our Christmas Caring Cans project, where the children advertised the campaign around the school to promote care in the community. All of the offerings, of which there were many, were assembled in the shape of a six-foot Christmas tree in the school hall, where it will remain erected until the final day of term. From here, the Havant Food Bank will receive everyone’s kind donations to help people in the community. This really illustrates the kindness and warmth that children of St Peter’s show to people they do not know. We are proud of the children living out the schol mission statement.

In the footsteps of Sir James Dyson……

Year 6 spent their STEM Day engineering a solution to a very real problem at this time of year – removing all the pieces of confetti and other party related detritus from the classroom floor. Unfortunately, our cleaner had taken her equipment home so it was up to the children to design, build, test and refine their own mini vacuum cleaners.

This was no easy ask, with the hardest part proving to be the shaping of the fan blades to attach to the tiny 3volt motor. Nevertheless, many groups did produce an end product that was suitable for the task in hand.

Here are some photos of our outcomes: