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I Closed My Eyes…

What a full, final week! Our week culminated with our Year 6 Leaver’s Mass today, where the children reflected on their time at St Peter’s and the growing that has taken place to make them into the confident, resilient, well-rounded young people that they are today. The children (and families) were most moved by the photo-montage that was assembled at the end – a few tears were shed…

The most memorable event of the week took place on Tuesday night for the year 6 children, where adults and children of the school were entertained by our end-of-year production of Joseph! While everyone pulled together for the performance and the practising that occurred beforehand, a special mention must go to our lead role as Joseph – Riley was a future West-End star in-the-making!!! He really made the role his own and was creative in his characterisation and positioning of the character…Step aside Jason Donovan!!!

The children can look forward to a Fun-Day on Monday where they can come in wearing sports clothes and also bring a change of clothes for their D.I.S.C.O.!

Have a cracking weekend!

Coming together like Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Tim Rice!

This week has seen an amp-up in the life of an actor in a production – the children have worked relentlessly all week to address their lines and staging positions. As the actors amongst us know, this is an arduous and laborious task, but one that is needed. The children are so excited about the number of tickets sold and the prospect of showing the culmination of their work. We are proud of where the children have got to with ‘Joseph’, bearing in mind the time they have had.

Many thanks go to parents and family members who have gone out of their way to provide costumes; this has made the children feel very special and has given them a sample of life on the West End stage!

We look forward to seeing you all at Oaklands. The curtain rises at 6pm Tuesday 16th July.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team