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Selling our gadgets in the ‘Teacher Den’!

The end of the week and half-term culminated with a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style pitch to the Head Dragons, Mr Cunningham and Mrs Knight. This was in our English unit, where the children had written speeches to convince them to purchase their ‘must-have spy gadget’. Being enthused by their product meant that the speeches came across with purpose, persuasion and vigour, making the judging extremely difficult.

This week, the children also presented their poems ‘off-by-heart’ to their peers, impressing themselves and each other with their memorisation skills. It was just unfortunate that only three could be chosen from across the year group as there was a whole host of talent on display – the adults were bowled over.

Enjoy a well-earned restful break this half-term. We would encourage children to have the odd bit of time spent working through homework set and Satsbootcamp online.

Many thanks

Year 6 Team

STEM Day – filling the vacuum!

Another busy week in Year 6 culminated on Friday with our second STEM Day of the year! The children designed and constructed their very own personalised vacuum cleaner – they were that good, that a lot of the groups ended up being able to hoover the mess they had created! There is officially now no excuse why your child/children cannot keep their bedroom floors tidy! It was fair to say that some of the children, in the morning, found the prospect of this task a challenge but they honestly really showed their inner steel and resilience. All adults were genuinely proud at their perseverance.


In other news, the children have really developed their collaboration skills – one of our 6C’s – in their PE time where they have combined and applied their hockey skills to partake in small-sided matches. It has been good to witness their independence and maturity with the demands that this sport brings. Hopefully, some of the girls can aspire to reach the gold standard of our current Olympic champions!

Please keep the SATS Bootcamp revision sessions going as part of your child’s home learning. We very much appreciate it.

The Year 6 Team.

Snow day survival!

What a Friday! What a week! The children, like the teachers, showed their resilience today with getting down to task, even though the snow didn’t deliver! To test their persuasive powers, the teachers tasked them to write a letter to Mr Cunningham, demanding that the school be closed at midday, due to ‘forecasted’ heavy snow for the afternoon. It was great fun hearing all their arguments and reasons, tenuous or not, as to why or why not the school should be closed – this built on their persuasive letter to MI6 earlier in the week.

Thank you to all parents and carers who attended the Year 5 and 6 Mass on Tuesday. Well done to all children who practised their oratory skills to a large audience – they read clearly and concisely.

As we enter the final third of the half-term, please continue to support your child as you have been with their home learning activities, as we have already noticed a difference in their reasoning and application. Hopefully the SATSBootcamp website has been beneficial to both parents and children.

For science we are commencing our unit on evolution and inheritance. To kick this off, we request that your child bring in a photo or photos to compare likenesses between them and close family members.

Thank you,

The Year 6 Team.