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Another busy week!

Whilst production preparations are in full swing and it’s coming together nicely, we have also been continuing our learning in other areas this week.

Our RE studies are now centred on The Sacraments, so we spent lessons reminding ourselves of the seven sacrements, their meaning and how they are grouped. We then went on to explain the importance and meaning of the stages involved in Baptism and Confirmation and pupils found some very creative ways to communicate this in their books.

Both classes are enjoying the specialist basketball sessions on Monday afternoons which is developing their skills nicely. Children were excited to find out that Oaklands has its own basketball team during our transition chats with the future Head and Deputy Head of Year 7. Of course they also had many questions answered which will hopefully settle any nerves they have about moving on from primary education.

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a wonderful Mass at Sacred Heart Church on Tuesday. We are now looking forward to celebrating St Peter and St Paul’s Day Mass as a whole school on Friday 30th June. On the same day we have St Peter’s Fest to look forward to also. Many thanks to all parents who have volunteered their time to assist with the ‘Hook a Duck’ stall. Year 6 are looking forward to entertaining the crowd with their beach themed song.

Bikeability starts from Monday through to Friday with children working in small groups over the week. Bikes can be brought in and locked at school while this training is ongoing. As it looks like warm weather it would be advisable to provide sunscreen and waterbottles for those involved.

Enjoy the sun,

The Year 6 Team

And we’re off!

The first week back after a half-term break can sometimes be a shock to the system for both pupils and teachers (parents too!)

Fortunately, we have been so busy in Year 6 in the past week that the holiday is but a distant memory for most!

Firstly, Annie! rehearsals have begun in earnest with many children impressing in the way they have learnt and delivered their lines. Our ‘orphans’ managed to learn their main song so well that they were able to perform it to a very select audience – Year R! With only four short weeks available before the big night we would encourage all children with speaking parts to learn these by heart as soon as possible, allowing us to focus on the stage directions.

As the Football World Cup is just around the corner, maths this week challenged pupils to calculate statistics about players from the England squad and pick their top 5 players to follow. They also had a budget of £100 to buy a fantasy set of 8 teams- 1 from each group – which proved quite tricky when all the top teams cost £25! When the competition starts on Thursday we are looking forward to analysing the match reports to collect statistics which we can use to create pie and bar charts for analysis.

Our English lessons have focused on identifying technical language for spy gadgets and the range of phrases used to write a linked explanation. We are looking forward to reading how pupils’ own gadget creations work by the end of the week.

In RE we applied our knowledge of the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the work of a range of CAFOD volunteers across the world. Pupils were able to identify the injustices that many communities face and how the volunteers were putting their Faith into Action.

We are now looking forward to our trip to the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 14th June. Please remember that the coach will leave at 8:10 am so it is important for pupils to be dropped off at 8 am at the latest – please refer to the recent letter home for further details. The workshop will focus on how UK laws are made, linking nicely to our work on the plastic problem and democracy.

Best wishes

The Year 6 Team