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Home Learning/SATs week


Please don’t worry too much about SATs next week. Revise and revisit over the weekend if you feel unsure about anything.

Just a few reminders:

Home learning – any revision helpful to each test

Monday 9th May – Reading

Tuesday 10th May – Spelling and grammar

Wednesday 11th May – Maths arithmetic and reasoning paper 1

Thursday 12th May – Maths reasoning paper 2


Breakfast at 8am-8.30am (free and to be eaten in year 6)


We also have Lion King Jr auditions Monday afternoon for any budding actors! –

  • song
  • acting
  • can be in groups/pairs
  • doesn’t have to be a song from the show (just needs to show your vocal range)
  • you can have the script in front of you
  • be brave
  • you will be fabulous!


Good Luck and remember:faith