Monthly Archives: December, 2014

Gadgets continued!

So far we have had some amazing gadgets created by the children, thank you for all your effort and creativity! The gadgets are due in Weds 17th December. Please also don’t forget the Abacus and My Maths homework, set every Friday and needs to be completed by every Weds.
What are you looking forward to most over Christmas?

Go go gadgets!

We are pleased to announce that all 64 spy trainees passed their extensive training on Friday!
The newly qualified spies now need to make a gadget to assist Alex Rider on his important missions.
The Brief:
During a top secret mission, Alex Rider has lost all of his essential gadgets! He needs a new gadget that will assist him in his job as a spy.
In class we have evaluated different gadgets and discussed important features. We have also designed the gadget and thought about features, materials and how we will join them together.
You homework is to make your gadget and be ready to persuade Alex that your gadget will suit his needs in a Dragon’s Den style event!
Your homework is due in on Weds 17th December. Any questions, please see your class teacher.

Children also have spellings to learn and practise in their learning diaries. Try to use these words in a sentence to show you know the meaning.