We’ll meet again…

We ended our week with an evacuation of the children – they experienced life as an evacuee making tags, ration books and I.D cards, experienced an air-raid siren and having to find shelter and walking to station, saying goodbye to their school. They also created their own propaganda posters, played some 1940’s playground games and were lucky enough to have a visitor who brought World War artefacts to show them.  A great day was had by all!!!



Home Learning:

In the yellow Home Reading Journal, children are expected to complete a book review about a book they have read or are reading. This is due on Thursday 7th October.

In their red Homework Book, children have this week’s vocabulary task to complete along with spellings and maths. This is due on Thursday 7th October.

Reading passports – please continue to check these, to see which books need to be read.


  • Please send in any completed medical forms for the residential visit as soon as possible.
  • Next week is Week 2 – P.E. kits need to be worn on Monday 4th October.
  • 5SC Sustainability Residential– arrive at normal time on Monday (8.30am onwards) No school uniform is required for the trip.


Have a super week,

The Year 5 Team

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