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Chichester Harbour Trip – Tuesday 6th July

Our trip to Chichester Harbour:

We went down to Oakland’s to get on our double decker bus and we had to sit in partners. Then we began on our Chichester Harbour experience, we saw loads of lily pads and houses on water as soon as we got closer to the harbour. When we got there, the other class got off the coach to the sailing school while we went off to the Education Centre.

 At the Education Centre:

At the Education Centre, the people who worked there showed us through a PowerPoint on where Chichester Harbour is and where all the grassland, salt marshes and woodlands are etc. We saw that the water around Chichester’s Harbour looked like a dragon and some people said that it looked like a dodo bird! After the PowerPoint we saw a time lapse video of the beach and the tide from 8AM to 8PM the tide went in and out a lot during the day, then we saw a video of some cute seals that live somewhere around the harbour.


Art and rock pools

We then got onto doing some art. We had a piece of card with double sided tape that we had to peel off then the staff found some interesting things on the beach that we could stick onto our card to make a picture. Some people made boats, some people made animals or some turtles. Then the staff showed us some rock pools, most of the things in the pools were underwater in the shallow bit of the sea or they were on the shore or they were washed up. They had some seaweed, shells, rocks, snails and crabs. There was a certain snail called a Periwinkle snail and it was really tiny!


We then got on to crabbing! When we were crabbing, we stood on the pontoon which was really wobbly. We had some bits of bacon in a net that we had to bait the crabs with. At first our group didn’t have any crabs but then we hit the jackpot! So we got a huge crab! Then we started to find out what was man – made and what was natural. But then it started to rain. Then a few minutes later we had lunch.

 Walking along the shore and fields:

We started to go for a walk towards the Marina, but the weather was a bit weird as it kept raining then got sunny every few minutes! We walked along the beach then got up to the field when there was a lot of long grass. We walked past the farmer’s field it went quite far off into the distance. There were some prickly bushes by the fence to stop people and dogs walking through the field and destroying the crops that we need to eat. We then saw a gap in the trees and bushes, where the World War II soldiers flew their planes through when they had to get ready to drop bombs or something. After walking through all the mud, we then went through a woodland which took about 5 – 10 minutes to get through it had a lot of puddles and was very muddy. We then got to the Marina, and we went through the locks and saw some fish swimming in circles and we even saw a jellyfish we didn’t know how it got there


 Floating houses and going back to school:

We then came across some floating houses and some were very modern! We then had to remember where we went on a walk by matching the letters with the numbers. Then we saw a few ducks drinking the water. Then sadly we had to go back on the coach to school. The Chichester trip was so fun! My favourite bit was crabbing and walking.

Thank you for reading about our Year 5 Chichester Harbour experience.

 Georgia 5SC


Our School Trip To Chichester Harbour

We started our school trip at Oakland’s where we found our double decker bus. On the way there we saw many natural beauties ranging from birds and mammals. When we got there we dropped off the other class at the marina where they would begin their trip. A few minutes later, we had arrived at a field where we would depart from the bus. The walk down there was only a couple of minutes but when we arrived, we were greeted by four of the Chichester volunteer staff.

When we were showed to our centre, we were shown a PowerPoint talking about the beauty and wildlife of Chichester. A.O.N.B which stands for Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We were stunned by the amazing facts about this one place. It was amazing to think that such a small area can mean a huge thing. Once we were shown the PowerPoint our class was split into two. Fifteen went outside to go crabbing while the others stayed in the class. Those of us inside were again split into two groups, one looking closer at all the marine wildlife while the others made art work out of things found around the sea. Outside while we were crabbing, many crabs were caught. One was rather large compared to all the others. We decided as a class to call him Big Chunggus. Once we had done all the activities we went inside to wash our hands.

We were chatting about all the different thing we had done whilst eating our lunch. We had about twenty minutes before we began our next activity. We went outside and one of the ladies called Jan gave us maps and pictures. We were told to find where the exact place was by using the map. On completion, the other class had arrived. It began raining so we put our coats on and set off.

When we began walking Jan turned around and gave us a sheet of paper telling us to find the different sea defences – one concrete, wooden, glass and metal. We went up a small hill and began walking past fields. We loved hearing about what had happened here in World War Two – it was used as an air base for the British. They took us past a woodland filled with nature and life. We had passed many things walking such as sea defences, salt marshes (which bring in 4x the amount to trees and double the Amazon rainforest of CO2), mud flats and fields.

We eventually arrived at the marina where we would begin our journey around it. We saw many yachts and house boats. We arrived at the lock which stops water releasing and opens to let boats through while bringing water in. We saw a white jelly fish and many grey mullets. We then walked down to a stone which was the figure of a head. It was directly next to a waterfall and canal.

Then came the end to what was a wonderful day. We all hope to come again.

By Leo


Our School Trip To Chichester Harbour

We started our school trip by getting on the coach and driving to Dell Quay. It was a 30-minute drive to reach there. There we saw ponds full of lilly pads and small ducks swimming in the pond. A lady was waiting for us as we departed from the bus. As we got off, we walked along the road minding muddy puddles. We soon then arrived at the Education Centre where we met some kind workers who had helped us learn about the sea and which different types of animals live in the sea such as crabs and seals.

We were separated into two groups; each group did a different activity. First, we looked at a tray full of seaweed, shells, and crabs. We looked at how baby crabs hide inside of shells to shelter from prey. We looked at how they camaflouge to look like seaweed. Next we did crabbing, we used a net, a winder and of course some bacon. Crabs like bacon, so we put bacon inside the net and waited patiently for a pull. Most of us caught crabs, some didn’t.

We then were separated into groups of 5 to identify which objects were man-made or natural. We then gathered together as a whole class to share our ideas to each other.

We then started exploring the coastline, we saw alot of seaweed, shringles and salt marshes. We then started walking through paths and exploring the farmland along with crops. We walked through the woodlands inspecting the mud flats also filled with nature. A kind lady by the name of Jane gave us a map and we had to figure out where we were on the map. We saw yachts parked along the side of the marina. We looked at the locks filled with water flowing with grey mullets (type of fish).

A.O.N.B was the name given for an Area Of Outstanding Beauty. We really enjoyed exploring the coastline and identifying the key features of the harbour. We learned how the sea works and what it produces. We also learnt about sea defences and how they stop and protect the land from the sea. We really enjoyed our trip to Chichester Harbour. Hope we can come again one day.

By Johan 5SC

Enjoy the football and the warm weather.

The Year 5 Team

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