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Here comes the sun… just in time for the holidays.

Our last week of the half term has seen the children complete their unit of measurement in Maths. They will begin a new unit based on Time when we return after the holidays.

In English we finally met our character, Little Freak,  in the short film by the same name and used empathy to infer meaning as to the life of Little Freak. The children will work towards using emotive language to write a monologue from the viewpoint of Little Freak.

In RE, we have entered Pentecost so the children reflected on how the gifts of the Holy Spirit influenced Jesus’s disciples actions and how Christians actions within their own lives.

In Geography, we continued with our country study of India and used our map skills and geographical terms to reproduce a map of India and its neighbouring countries within the continent of Asia.

On Thursday, the children took part in an online Road Safety workshop which focused on how to keep yourself safe whilst cycling and walking on/by roads.

A selection of more creative homework and work from this half term:


PE  after half term – Wednesday 9th June 2021.

There will be no formal homework set over the half term – however, please encourage your child to keep reading daily and practise any times tables and related division facts they need to secure through Sumdog or TT Rockstars. Also, if they wish to create a piece of creative homework on Ancient Egypt, we would love to see that after half term.

We wish you a sunny, restful and relaxing half term and look forward to seeing the children on Monday 7th June.

The Year 5 Team



Inspirational India

We started our new topic this week and it forms part of our country study. For the next few weeks we will be studying India. To fully immerse ourselves in our new topic, we have attended workshops over the past two days. We did some painting based on Indian patterns, have taken part in some Indian dancing and today, took great delight in making lots of noise with some Indian drumming. The children have watched some of the video clips of their dancing and drumming at school. See below for images of our workshops.


P.E. will be on Monday 24th May this week.

Homework  is due on Thursday 27th May – red book only this week.

If you have a copy of Boy in the Toer at home, please could you bring it back to school.




More Indian artwork and dancing



Enjoy a blustery weekend,

The Year 5 Team

A mummy covered in chocolate and nuts has just been discovered in Egypt!!!

Archaeologists believe it to be Pharaoh Roche!!!

The children continued their Egyptian topic this week by looking at mummification. They were fascinated at how the body was prepared for burial and how the organs were removed and placed in canopic jars… the more gruesome the better.

This week saw the children complete their report on their chosen extreme sport. We were so pleased to see the detail and effort the children included and the sense of pride they took in their writing and presentation. We begun a new unit in English this week based on an character image and more will be revealed over the next week.  In Maths we begun our measures unit focusing on converting measure in capacity and length, using our place value knowledge, and then applying this fluency to problem solving.

Next week we start our country topic of India in Geography with a Diya painting and Indian dance day on Thursday.


PE is on Wednesday 19th May.

Homework is due on Thursday 20th May as usual.  A book review is due this week too.

A poem called Peer Pressure was given to each child last week, please encourage your child to continue to practise to learn off by heart by the end of the term. We will be doing this performance as a class.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 Team


Walk like an Egyptian…but don’t eat the bread!

This week we have been planning the sections of our Extreme Sports news article, based on the home learning research completed at the start of the unit. We have also started writing our sections , which will need some refining and editing before we complete our articles.  In maths, we’ve had a short break from number work to practise working on  reflection and translation of shapes and coordinates. Next week, we will be starting to look at measure – looking at converting units of metric measurement using our knowledge of place value. We will be concentrating on l’s to ml’s and m’s to cm’s. We will then apply this knowledge to solving problems.

For history, we have been continuing to study the ancient Egyptians through looking at artefacts and matching them to names and descriptions. This has helped us to understand how and why objects were used during that time. We also made comparisons to modern day life, deciding whether the objects still had a place/ use in today’s society. Making bread certainly did but we weren’t too sure about eating the 3500 year old loaf that was found in a tomb! Well done to the children who are bringing in some very creative ancient Egyptian homework. See some of the examples below, with more to follow.

We also had a visit from Lee Haywood, our cyber-safety adviser, who talked to us about how many online sites worked and how we could keep cyber safe. This is very important as Year 5 become more independent with the use of electronic devices.


P.E. is on Monday the 10th May – children need to come into school wearing their P.E. kits.

Homework is due on Thursday 13th May.

A poem called Peer Pressure was given to each child so that they can begin practising to learn off by heart by the end of the term. We will be doing this performance as a class.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 Team