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Hello Year 5,

It was absolutely lovely catching up with many of you, at the face to face catch up sessions. It was good to see your faces, find out what you’ve been up to and, hopefully, dispel any worries about coming back to school.

Don’t forget you can still email through your one favourite piece of work so that we can see all of the great learning you have been doing.

This week’s tasks are as follows:

Reading and Writing:

For your English work this week you will looking at the skills needed to write a newspaper report. The first 2 lessons will develop your comprehension skills where you will read a report on the extreme sport of free climbing and a report about a UFO crash landing! Lessons 3 to 5 will then help you practise some key writing skills before applying them to your own newspaper report


Please continue to ensure that you are reading an age appropriate book for at least 20 minutes each day. It is so important to help you build your vocabulary and develop your fluency and stamina!

Lesson 1: Reading comprehension


Lesson 2: Reading comprehension



Lesson 3: To identify the features of a newspaper report


Lesson 4: To distinguish between direct and indirect speech


Lesson 5: To plan and write a newspaper report



This week’s writing CHALLENGE:

Task 1: Question time!

Q1: How were the audience feeling if they were ‘gazing wide -eyed’?

Q2: Can you think of another descriptive way to express that feeling?

Q3: Why is the crowd described as a ‘sea of spectators’?

Q4: What do you think happens next for the person riding the bike?

Q5: If you were in the crowd watching this rider, how would you feel? Can you create a simile to describe your feelings?


Task 2: Sick sentences!

Improve the following three sentences:

1: The bike went up high in the air.

2: The crowd watched.

3: They clapped when he landed.


Task 3: Continue the story

Focused solely on winning the competition, the rider soared towards the sky with the agility and grace of an Olympic gymnast. With a deep breath, he gripped with his hands and released his feet. Nobody could have predicted what followed…


Task 4: Perfect picture

The man riding the bike is taking part in a competition. Can you design a trophy or medal that he might win if he is successful?



Task 1: 20 minutes of times tables work every day. Use TT Rockstars to help you practise.

Task 2: One arithmetic task and one times tables task on Sumdog.

Task 3: There are 2 activities set on My Maths to complete. Use your login details to get onto the website.

Task 4:

Taken from Oak National Academy:

Lesson 1 – complete the quiz.


Watch the video and complete tasks given within it


Complete the activities based on the lesson



Lesson 2 – complete the quiz from the previous lesson


Watch the video and complete tasks given within it


Complete the activities based on the lesson



Lesson 3complete the quiz from the previous lesson


Watch the video and complete tasks given within it


Complete the activities based on the lesson



Lesson 4complete the quiz from the previous lesson


Watch the video and complete tasks given within it


Complete the activities based on the lesson



Lesson 5complete the quiz from the previous lesson


Watch the video and complete tasks given within it


Complete the activities based on the lesson



Task 5:

Taken from HIAS problem solving:

Identify multiples and factors.


From White Rose Y5 Maths:


Spellings and Grammar:

Task 1: Spelling task on Sumdog.

Task 2: Grammar task on Sumdog.

Task 3:

To use the prefixes correctly.

To revise grammar rules.

Continue to learn the spellings on the Year 5/6 Spelling List – do a few at a time.

Family Science Activity

If your child has an allergy to eggs – please choose another exciting investigation from https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental

Bouncing Eggs

https://www.rigb.org/families/experimental/eggsperiments – watch the video

  • Make an uncooked egg bounce!
  • ExpeRiment with different liquids to see what effect they have on eggs.
  • Learn how the acid in household liquids like orange juice and vinegar react with eggshells and make them dissolve, leaving the inside of the egg intact.

https://www.rigb.org/docs/dissolving_eggs_infosheet_v2_0_1.pdf – download worksheet for instructions and questions to ask before and after the investigation.

You will need:

5 eggs • Glasses or jars that an egg can fit inside comfortably • Cling film • Oil • Milk • Water • Vinegar • Orange juice

Going further challenge:

  • You can use the shell-less eggs you make from this experiment to do another activity which will let you shrink and expand the eggs by placing them in different liquids: http://bit.ly/nakedeggs
  • Watch a video of how to make a coloured bouncy egg, then try making one yourself: http://bit.ly/RubberEgg



Topic – India

L.O: To research the key features of a contrasting country.

As part of our country study we would have been researching India, ready for the carnival. Over the coming weeks we will give you areas of research for you to find details and put them together in an interesting way of your choice.


Over the next week, please continue to research these areas:

Sports associated with India/ originating in India. Famous Indian sports personalities.

Wildlife in India – include the habitats, food preferences and drawings/ pictures of the wildlife.


Websites to help:









Over the past few weeks, you have listened to 10 pieces of music composed by Musical Trailblazers. Go to the website below and listen to them again.


Which was your favourite and why?

Which was your least favourite and why?



Art Challenge for Father Jeremy:

Father Jeremy has got a very special celebration coming up on 26th July this year. He will be celebrating 45 years since his ordination into the priesthood. I think this is a remarkable achievement and should be marked by your incredible artwork. Therefore, your Art challenge for the next fortnight is to produce a piece of art for Father Jeremy. This can take any form you like from street art, a drawing, collage or even some edible art! As well as being a priest, Father Jeremy has a wide range of interests including walking, reading and nature. So let you creative juices flow and come up with something spectacular….I know you will!

As I have mentioned, this is a two week challenge and I would ask that, as well as me displaying your art on the Blog, would you please keep hold of it (yes even sculptures you may make), so that I can collect it from you, when we are all back in school and put it in a book and then present in to Father Jeremy.

As always, you can still send any other art work to me and I will post that on the Blog too.

Please email your artwork to me:


Thank you

Keep creating and keep safe!

Mrs Pearson

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