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Week 4 – 30th September

What a week! Year 5 have been extremely busy at Runways End completing many challenges. They have been abseiling, caving, climbing, canoeing and taking part in archery to name a few of the activities. All the children have had a wonderful experience and it’s been great for us to get to know the children in a different setting. Huge praise to Year 5E who had a fire evacuation at 03:50 on their last evening at Runways End – they performed the fire drill to perfection and were so well behaved when the fire service arrived.
Homework last week was set for the 7th October as we felt it was unfair to ask the children to complete it while they were away on residential. New homework will be set next week.
This week Lenny Perriman (5E) received the golden leaf award for ‘using the gifts God gave him for his creativity’. He entertained the children and the staff brilliantly during our campfire evening. Aidan Kelly (5E) has his writing displayed on the showstoppers wall. Children in 5F were away on the residential so were not involved with the golden leaf or showstopper writing this week.
Please be aware of the CAFOD harvest assembly next Friday (7th Oct). The children are being asked for a donation on the Thursday so they can wear brightly coloured clothing. Some items will be on sale from other year groups that day so they may want some money to spend. Year 5 will be holding a cake sale on the Friday, when CAFOD representatives are in visiting. Please send children into school with their cakes on that morning. They may also want some money for these delicious treats – sorry! Money raised will be going to CAFOD, a very worthy cause.
Have a relaxing weekend and hopefully the children can catch up on sleep!
The Year 5 team

Some pictures of 5E in action:

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Week 3 – 23rd September

It’s the end of another busy week in Year 5. Thank you to all those children who have brought homework in – we’ve had so many lovely projects and interesting pieces of information already! The children seem very inspired with the WWII topic. For homework they have: six new spellings, Mymaths and another strand from the Homework Pyramid. We have given a new password to the children for when they are on Activelearn – it is ‘year5’. The homework set this week can be completed over two weeks (Friday 7th October) due to being away on the trip.

This week Aimee Tindal (5E) received the golden leaf award for ‘using the gifts God gave her for always being incredibly helpful and also helping new members of staff’ and Kieran Chapman (5E) has his writing displayed on the showstoppers wall. Wendy Wheatley (5F) received the golden leaf award for ‘using the gifts God gave her to always work hard. A lovely member of the class’. Erin Freeman (5F) has her work on the showstoppers wall too.

Next week is our residential trip to Runways End. 5E will be leaving the school on Monday and returning Wednesday. 5F will be leaving the school on Wednesday and returning Friday. The weather looks to be a little cloudy for most of the week (light rain Tuesday morning). Just a reminder to bring wet weather clothing just in case, but with the typical British weather, they might also need a sun hat and sun cream!

Have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 team

Week 2 – 16th September 2016


Thank you for attending the Year 5 welcome meeting, it was great to see so many of you and we hope it was useful for you. The children are looking forward to Runways End!

It’s been an excellent start to the year, with the children behaving really well. The children have been a pleasure to teach and it’s been lovely getting to know their different personalities. This week Brooklyn Chambers (5E) received the golden leaf award for ‘using the gifts God gave her to independently research Anne Frank and Mia Wilson (5E) has her writing displayed on the showstoppers wall. Dylan Dunaway (5F) received the golden leaf award for ‘using the gifts God gave him to produce a really good piece of RE.’ Lexie-Mai Orley (5F) has her work on the showstoppers wall too.


The children received their homework pyramid today and a set of six spellings from the Year 5/6 spelling list. We will be sending out a letter soon, clarifying the Year 5 homework expectations. Unfortunately we have been unable to set the online maths homework due to not having the children’s log-ins yet.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 5 team


Homework pyramid

Our Local Area Homework Ideas

During this half term, our topic is about the WW2 in Britain. We will study the history of the Second World War and the impact it had on life in Britain.

Children should aim to complete at least one of the following:


Remember: Create a WW2 fact-file focusing on important dates or one of the following areas: rationing, the blitz, propaganda posters, the blackout or evacuation.

Explain: Write a short story from the point of view of an evacuee explaining what life was like in a strange new environment.

Applying: Choose a habitat and create a new animal that could survive in the conditions of that environment.

Creating: Create a new type of personal bomb shelter. Think about how modern technology could help your shelter to be more comfortable or more pleasant to spend an extended amount of time in. Your shelter should still be limited to a size similar to an Anderson Shelter. Label and explain each of the features explaining why you’ve chosen them and how they would be used by people sheltering form a bomb attack

Evaluating: Thinking about Britain’s Wartime propaganda during WW2, What was the impact of the propaganda on British people’s contribution to the war effort?

Analysing: Imagine Germany had been victorious in the Second World War. Produce a video, animation, PowerPoint, report or story showing how life in Britain would be different.

Welcome Year 5



Welcome back year 5!

We have had a great start to the school year and the children have already settled well into the routines of year 5 and their new classes. It has been lovely to see everything the children have been up to over the holidays in their summer learning books and sharing this in class. We’ve been really impressed with the amount of effort they have put into their books.

We have started our new topic ‘World War II’ and the children are really excited to find out about the effect the war had on places locally. We have created a home learning pyramid to give the children ideas about what they could do at home.

We are all looking forward to the residential to Runways End and getting to know each other outside of the academic environment.

The children are still expected to read regularly at home/BugClub and complete Abacus activities regularly. We are updating Bug Club and Abacus so the children can get started!

We will also be sending spellings home for the children to learn every Friday, starting this week Friday 16th September.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and will keep you updated with the learning we are doing on this blog.

Thank you,

Year 5 Team