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Magical Maths

Magical Maths started on a Thursday earlier this year.

Firstly, we started with games and activities. To be honest, they do teach you a lot: you learn lots of maths and tricks.

It’s fun when we play games because you can play them with friends and family.

On the last day, we played with a giant parachute and two dice. That was a fun game!

By Joey Garvey and Cameron Hill 5C

Year 5 visit Oakland’s Science department

On Wednesday 24th June, 5C went to Oaklands school to take part in a science workshop.

We did two experiments. When we got to the classroom we paired up with a partner and sat at a tall desk.

The first experiment was making salt out of salt rock. We had small salt rock and we had to smash it up and then boil it on a bunsen burner. While it was burning, we found out how to take copper out of a mineral. It was really interesting how you use a type of liquid.

Afterwards, we went and saw how our salt was going. Mine and my partner’s turned out pretty well and so did lots of other groups’.

Then we did our second experiment, which was seeing the cells of an onion. We also saw cells of a hair and paper towels. It was SO good! I can’t believe that we eat that! At the same time, it was really interesting. I loved visiting Oaklands and I can’t wait til I go there!


Aniela Stunt 5C

Year 5 Bikeability

I really enjoyed bike ability , I was riding on the road for the first time and the instructors were very clear and informative so I can get things more easily.  I learnt how to, pass a parked car, turn into a junction ,turn out of a junction ,u turn and how to check your bike.

I really think I’m improving my cycling skills and that I’m improving my confidence. The best thing about bike ability was cycling on the road because it was fun turning and the other things we did.

by James Nel