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Homework WB: 15.6.15

Literacy: This week, we have begun to plan our own type of text based on an assembly from a visitor called Richard Hunt on Tuesday. You could try and find some examples of the type of text you have chosen; adventure story, monologue, shape poem, radio broadcast etc and have a practice at planning/writing one of your own.
In SPAG, we have looked at subject/verb agreement, fronted adverbials (when, where and how) and relative pronouns.

Maths: We have continued to look at the properties of triangles as well as the relationships of angles in different sided polygons. Draw a range of irregular polygons (straight sided shapes) that all have the same number of sides. E.g. irregular hexagons. Measure all of the interior angles and add them together. Are they the same every time?

RE: We have just begun our new unit on sacraments. This week, we looked at the symbols used to represent the seven sacraments. You may like to choose one of the sacraments and research the symbolism of it. Can you find stories from the bible that explain the importance or relevance of those symbols?

5W’s Class Assembly!

5W’s class assembly will be taking place at 9:05am this Friday. I hope parents have received their invites including the dress codes for the children. Thank you so much for your support with this.

Kookaburra class are looking forward to showing you all of the amazing things they have learnt during this year.

We hope you can all make it and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

Miss Whitehead