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Abacus Maths

Recently, a few children have been explaining that despite completing the activities set on, when they log in, it still says that there are activities outstanding. There are a couple of possible explanations:

When viewing the ‘my stuff’ tab, the red number indicates how many activities are outstanding. Often, after completing these, this number stays the same. One course of action to rectify this is to refresh the page. If this doesn’t work, then log out and log in again. If this doesn’t work, see the next picture.

active 2


Secondly, after completing any activity, it is important to click the finish icon (as pictured) as opposed to simply exiting the browser using the red cross at the top right hand side of each window.

active 3


Once you click this icon, you can then exit the page normally. After which, you should see a confirmation screen with the number of coins rewarded for completing each activity.

active 4


I hope this helps and hope equally, that you have a relaxing and restful Christmas break. We will ensure that children are allocated with sufficient homework on abacus, mymaths, and bug club to keep them busy over the festive period.

Merry Christmas,

The Year 5 Team.

Advent and WW2 homework pyramids

Here are copies of the most recent home learning pyramids. This includes one for the WW2 context as well as an Advent one for the current RE unit. Please see home learning diaries for the hand in dates of the advent homework. The WW2 homework is due in on the 19th December.


advent homework

ww2 homework