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D-Day museum

Here are some extracts from some of the blogs the children in 5C wrote after our trip today;

Today, year 5 visited Southsea’s amazing D-Day museum! We had lots of fantastic fun, learning new things and playing! (Ruby and Talia)

It was an interesting and inspiring place to visit…We looked at the long (Overlord) embroidery, which took five people an amazing five years to make! (James)

We had the experience of acting out a role play, imagining what it would have been like during a bombing raid. (Charlotte and Joseph)

We go to do some fun things including acting and looking at some fascinating historic artefacts from WW2 (Melvin and Ryan)

We got to dress up as evacuees, air raid wardens, messenger boys, woman from the Woman’s Land Army, nurses and fire fighters. It was a fabulous experience. (Tilly and Abraham)

It was a fun day and we wouldn’t have made it without the parent helpers so thanks to them. (William and Kallum)

Pics to follow (Mr C).

Our new topic – World War 2

What a great start to our new topic of WW2! Our main focus in literacy at present is monologues and we have been so impressed by the standard of writing from all the children in year 5 and the empathy they have shown.

We were lucky enough to have a WW2 veteran in yesterday where the children could question him on the life of being an evacuee. They absolutely loved it and acquired so much information which will enable them to write their next monologues. It was very appropriate for the time of year and gave the children time to reflect for those who fought in the war.

The children will recieve a letter today to inform parents about a trip to the D-Day museum which will take place on Tuesday the 18th of November. We do apologise for such short notice but workshop places required have only recently become available. We do thank you for your co-operation in this.

The Year 5 Team