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London. Day 3

Home at last. Just reminiscing on the past few days and it must be said that, on the whole, the children behaved impeccably throughout the three days.

Today, yet again, was a fast paced, busy occasion. Straight after breakfast, we were onto the coach and off to St Paul’s Cathedral. After spending time absorbing the magnificent sights, we then stopped at the nearby YHA for lunch.

After that, a short coach journey to Westminster pier where we nearly caught a CityCruise boat to Greenwich. The walk through Greenwich was a bit rushed as we missed our boat by about 30 seconds and had to wait 25 minutes for the next one to arrive.

I hope the children have been regaling you with stories of their adventures this week and look forward to seeing them all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning






London. Day 2

Another busy day and the children barely had time to breathe from reveille at 7.00 to lights out a little after 11.oopm. The day started with another short coach trip through Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly  Circus to the Globe theatre. Here we we treated to a tour of the theatre and the children even got a taste of acting on the famous stage. Then it was into a drama workshop, where children had to become Macbeth, his wife and a witch to bring out their inner Thespians. After lunch, we walked to the Tate Modern where we were free to explore the gallery’s finest paintings and sculptures.

Following the all important trip to the gift shop, we then headed back to the hotel for a shotgun dinner before heading straight back out on the coach headed for the west end to watch The Lion King at the Lyseum theatre.

Finally, we arrived back at the hotel, where it was straight into PJ’s before lights out.

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London. Day 1

What a jam packed brilliant day. After viewing the natural history museum and London eye, along with lots of walking, everyone is looking forward to a good night’s sleep (especially the teachers).WP_20141020_002 WP_20141020_006 WP_20141020_035 WP_20141020_039

And we’re off!!

On route to London with some very excited year 5’s (and teachers), first stop the Natural History Museum!

We will try and keep you all posted as much as we can about our amazing adventures in London. 


An exciting start to the week for year 5!

Over the past couple of weeks year 5 have been focusing on the features of autobiographies and biographies in their english lessons. Following on from our anti-bullying week the children have been researching disabled athletes, and will be focussing their biographies on a disabled athlete of their choice.

Yesterday afternoon year 5 were so excited! We were lucky enough to have a young disabled althlete into the school for the children  to put on their ‘interview hats’ and meet an international athlete. He was an inspiration to us all through his commitment to his sport and the accomplishments and awards he has achieved. The children were so excited to hear Arthurs story and passion for his sport and even recieved his autograph at the end!

We cannot wait to read the biographies the children produce in the up and coming english lessons!

The Year 5 Team

Abacus Maths Pop-Ups

And this one from 24th September


We have had a few children stating they are unable to access the interactive maths games on the abacus website, this will be due to the restriction on the computer towards pop-ups. To allow the pop-ups on this particular website you can either:

1) Click the drop down tab in the right hand corner and select allow pop-ups

2) Hold down the CTRL button and click on the game which will proceed to open it in a new tab.

We hope this is helpful!

From the Year 5 Team.

Abacus Maths

Firstly, apologies if you’ve been checking in on the year 5 blog and finding it rather barren. Due to a technical error, the previous few year 5 blogs have ended up on the school’s main page.

This one was from 12th September:


As promised in the welcome meeting abacus maths is in action! It is a fun way for children to put in practice what they have been focusing on in maths over the weeks. There are a number of different activities and games on the website which are not only to push children’s learning but are also fun and interactive.

We have loved hearing the children’s enthusiasm for my maths and we hope this will encourage the same and more! A task will be allocated along with my maths for all children to complete each week. There are three stages to choose from on each game, these consist of: bronze, silver and gold. The difficulty increases as the ranks go up which is a chance for the children to challenge themselves independently.



We are looking forward to hearing the children’s response to the website!

Creation Homework

A huge well done for the depth of thought and creativity shown by the children in year 5 who have clearly spent a long time on these pieces of RE homework.

It was fascinating to read quizzes and different endings of the creation stories as well as playing board games.

Just to remind you that the dates of each RE unit are printed inside the new home learning diaries. If you flick through the weekly pages, the new RE units are printed at the week beginning. e.g. next week, we start Prayers, Saints and Feasts so the relevant page is just before the page for the week beginning the 6th October. This section has a page explaining what the children will be learning during the unit as well as some key vocabulary.


This unit runs until the 17th November, which, when handed out, will be the due date of the next piece of RE homework.

Mr C